Conan O’Brien takes on the “Chris Redfield” Challenge, in Resident Evil 6 Gameplay!

Hey how are you guys today? Great I Hope! If not i have a little comical interest insight that can put some light on a cloudy day. Now for those who are gamers, (people who play badass video games) might know of some of the lastest and highly anticatped ones coming out this year.

One in particular is about to hit the shleves at stores like gamestop, gamecrazy etc., and gamers are hyping about is Resident Evil 6. I myself being a gamer, has played through the Resident Evil games through the years.

And I can say, it has really came a long way ever since the very first game installment for the Playstation console. The graphics have been stepped up from the basic low pixel resolution, character image, background image & color, are all very detailed and scary lifelike now to grip one into the gameplay of Resident Evil itself.

Not to mention the different playable side mission stories that come along with it (that is if you like to play the other side stories to it like Resident Evil campaings such as (“Desparate Escape”).

But LOL, I happen to stagger across a video with the comic star Conan O’Brien and it had me cracking up with uncontrollable laughter! Conan takes up the challenge to demostrate his skills of surviving in the world of the scary,dark, and horrific Resident Evil 6!!

And he does it with a comical twist that will leave one ROTFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing) with hysteria. Fill free to click the link,  (Conan O’Brien Reviews “Resident Evil 6” – Clueless Gamer – CONAN on TBS)  and check out Conan as he takes on the what I like to call the “Chris Redfield” challenge.

I’m not done yet though, there is still other games out there that are just very awesome and lifelike beyond one’s comprehension ideal of terror. My definate favorite and one I CAN’T  wait to jump into when it comes out, and yea if you can read my thoughts right is “Dead Space 3”Now that game is what i call the ultimate rush for survival!  I’ve played Dead Space the first install, and it was great never ever seen nothing like it!


(Classic CNC Engineer Space Suit Issac Clarke)

The constant fight the Issac Clarke  must endure series of horrors to surivive a outbreak on the USG Ishimura  (A Huge Planet Cracking Starship Vessel).


(Commander Zach Hammond)


And the story is Clarke a CEC engineer sent on a repair mission along with crew members, commander Zach Hammond , and computer specialist Kendra Daniels  to board the USG Ishimura and attend to their maintainance  problems of the ship’s computer system.

Pic-03072013-005(Computer Specalists Kendra Daniels)

The orders came from the  (Concordance Extraction Corporation) to send the USG Kellion  to investigate the Ishimura, but the Kellion’s guidance system fails and they end up crashing into the Ishimura’s dock. Now Clarke and the crew are aboard the Ishimura thinking that it is abondoned but NO, and soon are attacked by grotesque monsters forcing them to adjust to survive the horrific ordeal.


The story is nicely set up to water one’s mouth for the taste of terror and chaos at every turn, just as it did in it’s sequel Dead Space 2, and for upcoming Dead Space 3 I know will not disappoint at all.

I will be updating more information on Resident Evil 6,Dead Space 3, and other over the top games that will make 2012 one of the best in gaming history thus far.  Thanks guys!

(Video Credit: teamcoco)

Conan O’Brien takes on the “Chris Redfield” Challenge, in Resident Evil 6 Gameplay!

(By: Jaye Irons)

My motto: Till then be cool,clam,collective, and know the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best.

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