Coca-Cola Vend Machines: Touch Screen Horror Or Evolution?

vending machines stand in a line.

vending machines stand in a line. (Photo credit: midorisyu)

Hey guys hope you guys are doing well today. I am, I had a notion to check out this new venture right. And it’s one that’s been on the back burner of my mind for a while, and it’s based upon the new touch screen coca cola machines that are showing up.

Now my thoughts on that is well… great!, I think it’s time for a more step in the direction of a more convenient way to get that lovely soda can that soothes that firey thrist putting one at ease. But believe it or not, there are some people who are not up to speed with these new Coca-Cola vending machines (I guessing the older generation ya?

Just a shot in the dark LOL but maybe other people who may not feel so comfortable with them as well) and i read a article by Micheal Graupman (at: Culturemap AUSTIN) –sorry I could not provide a link to the page- on his thoughts about the vending machines gone a new transition as well. Micheal was saying, that it look like the Coke machines was smiling at you so smug like. And it does  seems like there are watching you as you purchase your beloved beverage.

LOL I can understand to a degree myself relating to Micheal in a since that it does seem a bit of a offset type feeling of the adjustment needed to be made to these touch screen wonder machines that makes one think what else will they come out… well you know the rest to that. Remember the Demoilition Man Movie?

Where John Spartian (Sylvestor Stallone)

Cover of "Demolition Man"

Cover of Demolition Man

is sentenced to 70 years in the cryoprison and is brought back out 36years later to catch the criminal Simon Phoenix(Wesley Snipes), and Spartian is now in a futuristic environment where everything is fully automated touchscreen or voice activated LOL that seemed to terrified the hell out of him.

Because he felt lost in a new world order if you will making him fell like he is alone. Lalena Huxley(Sandra Bullock) tells him “You seemed so all alone John Spartian”. And I look at it that way a little, telling myself someday after seeing that movie what like 19 years ago I think?

That it would be adjustments that would indeed come about with things like new touch screen vending machines that now are popping up in movie theatres, shopping malls, Industrial Factories(well they don’t have at the factories yet or not sure but probably sooner or later) etc..

And then it’s even more clever at how the iPad touch screen console is fitted to the soda fountain dispensers to really throw you down a dark hallway with a broken craftsmen flashlight RROTFLMAOS(ReallyRollingOnTheFloorLaughingMyAssOffSilly).

But too you have to look at it this way, we came pretty far from just going up to a soda vending machine digging into the pockets for that silvery and coppered tone colored change holding that quarter, dime, or penny(wait I can’t remember if pennies can be used in the old school soda venders or not I always used the silver stuff) between the index finger and thumb support and popping it into the slot and you press button you get pop…

Ya that sounds caveman days enough right? And I remember when I was a teen, my elders would implicate that you learns to do things the “Old School Way”. And I did, but now the shoes on the other foot LOL. But I love the “Old School” as well as the “New”, and i look forward to what and where technology will take us next!

(Video Credit: CHAOTIMES)

Coca-Cola Vend Machines: Touch Screen Horror Or Evolution?

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till next time people. My Motto: Till then be cool,clam,collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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