Resident Evil 6 has finally stormed it’s way to the PS3,XBOX 360, & PC!!

Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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OH MAN!! OH boy! Where can even start with this one? LOL, RE6 is here! And I have to  does look incredibly good. I only seen the demos, and some of the FMV’s (Full Motion Videos). But from where part 5 leaves off, 6 takes off like a runaway missile accidently launched by a itchy finger dictator striving  to win a cold battled war at all costs! And yes charatchers from the previous titles like part 1, part 2, etc… are present (Sorry RE Outbreak Series that was a what if some no named people had to band together and escape a zombie/weird monsters town or frosty lab research facility…(DAM I MISS OUTBREAK!).

But RE6 is a survival horror third-person shooter, and came out the early latter part of this october. It is PS3 & Xbox 360 playable on each console as well as PC Microsoft Windows ( But wait whatever happened to the Resident Evil Series being a exclusive product for Sony Playstation? LOL (everybody gets a turn now I guess.)

Well lets face it’s the resident evil franchaise has expanded beyond it’s birches and broke branch after branch, with huge success. From the movies that manifested from the game like a supercharged t-virus strain, and it keeps gathering more attention and fans to boot.

And I like the angle in RE6, the story is told from the point of views of former BSAA operative Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, government agent Jake Muller, which happens to be the illegitimate son Albert Wesker!? And who could forget little Sherry Birkin all grown up, and there are still others as well returning and new characters that join the zombie onslaught.

The story is written into a series of twists, focusing on the outcomes that the protagonists will go up against, finding comrades to reunite into battle (Like Piers Does when He Seeks Out Chris Redfield In A FMV Scene In The Game), and from the basic zombies to upgraded weird creatures that are waiting to bring the fight to the table!

The gameplay looks very good, characthers look very real lifelike, and the vary of weapons I like definately (bust out the AK-74 already!) And the variety of game modes I REALLY LOVE! So that means you can have a computer AI or a friend player playing on the second controller with you, and yes of course third option ONLINE MULTIPLAY MODE people!!

Other options is that the player can pick items up rapidly and change weapons in real time, they can aim a firearm and move at the same time! (Break away from the aim but i’m a dam target days right?) The tablet feature is key, so that means finding herbs to create them healing is a definate must! And of course you know to conserve them and applying them to other tablets for different healing methods is wise. And if the player runs low on health, yup you guessed it your buddy or the AI will be there to the rescue!! (Man I Hope The IA Is Smarter This Time Round CAPCOM!)

Well from here on out all I have to say is GO GET THAT GAME!! And play it cause after all just because Wesker is not around, doesn’t mean that Chris has to be cooped out in a broken down old tavern drinking a big fat bottle of Jack Daniels! Right Piers?

(Video Credit: TheRadBrad)

Resident Evil 6 has finally stromed it’s way to the PS3,XBOX 360,& PC.

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till next time My Motto: Be cool, calm, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you form making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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