Hungry Unemployed Finally See Some Light… Or Dark?

Barack Obama Text Message Marketing Screenshot 1

Barack Obama Text Message Marketing Screenshot 1 (Photo credit: DavidErickson)

Well so far it goes like this, the unemployment rate has been cut to 7.8% in September and it has reached the low level area since President Obama President Obama at Master Lock by Philgarlic took office, and this of course will give him some extra fire power to his re-election bid.

Now Friday the labor Department said employers added over a little over 100,000 workers to the work force, a pretty good number. Vast surveys was taken of households and found a huge surge in hiring. That means the jobless rate has dropped since 09′ at it’s lowest peak. But don’t let it fool you too much, unemployment of course is still present.

Obama sees the economy in a better position then before, but Mitt Romney Mitt Romney by Hollywood Sign believes that the job market is still weak and not recovering at a fast enough pace. And lets face it businesses are still hesitant to hiring individuals do to the fact that the U.S. could take yet another hit below the belt Without The Protective Oversided Buckle 😦 from the huge debris that the federal budget might throw at it in 13′.

But empolyment has averaged 146,000 monthly thus far. September though was touch and go, as economists had expected the jobless rate to elevate to over 8%. And in August, it was scary as americans returned to the work force only to wind up resuming the search for work again.

So basically the work force had started to thin out but August did hold promise. Household surveys had showed an healthy employment increase in the latter of 3 months and overshadowed the same upward job increase since 83′.

But two-thirds was americans who work part time jobs, but they was seeking full time work which slightly offsets the survey reports. And job reports are used to track to each other, like a noisy surveillance camera oddly turning your direction at that local deptartment store as you care-freely stroll by unaware of it.

And not only is the job market a factor, you have to then say, “What About Wall Street?” Yea stocks on wall street did rise, and the Dow Jones industrial average was touching it’s highest mark in 5 years, but only to retreat to close little changed as investors took the profits and ran.

And the dollar hit a 2 week high against the yen, but U.S. Treasury debt prices fell. The U.S. interset rate future even took a slip and traders betting on a improving job market could lead the federal reserve to back off the stimulus earlier that prompted.

LOL lets not even start to get into the gas price delima which seemly just soars the hell out of control, like a scolded bald eagle flying to higher ground. And food and shelter (RENT IS MURDER ESPECIALLY IN CALIFORNIA) is right behind to follow it llike a lost little puppy dog looking for it’s mommy. All we can do is sit and wait and watch to see where this shifting economy drifts us to next, and hopefully it’s to a good place.

Hungry Unemployed Finally See Some Light… Or Dark?

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till next people My Motto: Stay clam, cool, and collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you form making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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