Banks’ And Their Reversed Robin Hooded Ways!

English: Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit, Om...

English: Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit, Omagh Pictured outside Supervalu in Market Street – are they actually spreading Christmas cheer? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: "Customers line up outside a Por...

English: “Customers line up outside a Port-au-Prince bank to withdraw money” (VOA description) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check it out, I ran across a video on how banks go behind our backs and take and launder our money using it for what purpose only god knows what. They gamble our money with their own secret endeavors in mind, and what’s the famous line used? Laughing All The Way To The Bank” or you can abberivate this one if you like (LATWTTB). 

I mean really, banks are pissing me off cause of their proversed views on trustingly stroaging our money into your, YOUR!, hard earned currency into your account right with no issue or problem. But then sometimes money comes up missing, and that money could mysteriously come out of some poor chaps’ account and when that customer decides to address the issue about it to a bank manager and then the manager might take you through all of these B.S. around the block possibilites, (wasting your time and dam patience!)

They might then turn to you and say “Well Mr. or Mrs. Sooing So… then they sometimes follow it up with a slight cough of bull!@#* congestion “We Are Checking Into The Matter And We Can Have A Transcript Of Your Transaction Statements Pulled Up From Our Database And…” And right there you want to pause that in a slow frame (like a viewmaster slide picture filcker that you or a friend might have had back in the day) and take two hands up just below the chin in the neck region and apply the recommended choking pressure you see.

Yea situations like that, can make a man or woman go postal. Or if you take a further step out on a flimsy plank off the side of a ship over shark infested waters, you have bank giants that congregate with other bank branches like some big proxy scheme that have turned their backs completely on us the american workers, pack their bags and go to lets say a low wage country like the Philippines where the average family right, the average family makes just under $5,000 in a year they are left dead broke!!  Poor - woman standing with turned out empty pockets by dgilder

Ok hold on, I need my Arizona sweet tea drink on that one to soothe my aggravated nerves… So that is easy pickings, and ridiculous crazy profits for CEO’s and other figureheads that make backdoor deals with these Reversed Robin Hooded Banks just to rape customers blind out that way overseas.

But back over here , it’s messed up because most Americans don’t realized what is going on because of the smoke and mirror techniques that banks and yes the government IRS_logo by poppatopzthat usually some way or another involved in all the hidden fees that is appiled with that kicked up interest rate (Oh man think of the yearly kickback money the Govey must get right?)

LOL that would even bring a few of bucket load of tears to the face of the fictioned character “Ebenezer Scrooge” (The picture up top is priceless rolling in reverse on the dam floor laughing) in a heartbeat. See it pisses me off that the today [PROMISE] of America is all for the rich, the crooked, the government.

While the middle class and poor are just casted aside like a farmer walking on his soil grounds in his corn fields, and just happens to step in some doo then seemingly wipes it (US) off the with a garden hoe he just happens to have in his hands and keeps on stepping. Arrogance and abuse of power it all is at our expense!  And it keeps compiling everyday in this country so will when it end?…

(Video Credit: Jim Mooney)

Banks’ And Their Reversed Robin Hooded Ways!    

(By: Jaye Irons)

 Till then My Motto:  stay clam, cool, collective, and know that the only thing that keeps you form making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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