Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver Is Crawling Back From Underneath It’s Rock?… Revamped With Wings!


Raziel (Photo credit: Maurdyn)

And that is the basic things that the protagonist Raziel in this gothic tale story of betrayal to the fullest as his antagonist Kain kicks it all off by having the ol’ poor chap executed, for displaying wings after hundreds of years of evolving empowering Raziel with gift of flight. But “Lets us look at the other side of the coin” (said the vampire anicent Vorador, to Raziel).

Which means the “Que” for the back story, [grab the Orville Redenbacher pop secret.] So soul reaver takes hold in the anicent world of Nosgoth, and the strength and balance that holds it together comes from the life giving “Pillars Of Nosgoth“.

At a early time in Nosgoth there was eight guardians to control and protect the pillars at all costs, but like that old saying “Power Corrupts And Absolute Power etc etc…” As a result, the 8 guardians are to sacrifice themselves and Kain was a guardian at the time as well in order for balance to be fully restored to Nosgoth.

(Raziel’s Vampire Self Battles Himself As A Sarafan Priest)  But Kain didn’t see things in that shade of light and he stepped into the dark with the intentions of seizing that opportunity to murder the guardians, and take control of the pillars for himself. This in return would slowly corrupt the pillars as the years marched on and Nosgoth the once enriching land of splendor would go into a ugly decay, because Kain would not join the guardians’ fate of self sacrifice.

Then he really got down and dirty and invaded a crypt where Sarafan Priests did the eternal rest thing.

The spectral realm was criticized for having d...

The spectral realm was criticized for having distracting and disorienting graphics. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(The Sarafan Where Basically Vampire Hunters) And brought them back to life by using his dark vampiric supernatural gifts to raise them from death, and serve him as his trusted lieutenants especially Raziel to aid him in taking over Nosgoth.

After a period of time the vampires are now in the control seat by annihilating the humans or enslaving the remaining few, and thus in the process awakes a sleepy giant “The Elder God” (That big giant squid was twisted if you ask me!)

The Elder God controlled a life cycle called simply “The Wheel Of Fate” that spins and turns by the energy flow of the spectal plane inhabited by souls of the departed.

So now check it out that means LOL that the wheel right is empowered to spin and flourish, by souls once living but this the jacked up part vampires are already dead and thus still live as immortals.

Meaning that the humans are the real ones in the control seat because if they all go bye bye, well you see the big picture. And jump up to Raziel’s demise by Kain who has him executed because he evolved and spouted wings tethered to his back, so Kain felt unequal to his lieutenant that has surpassed a limitation. Raziel is thrown into the swirling waterfall abyss (a huge whirlpool lake) burned alive and left for dead by Kain and Raziel’s fellow lieutenant brothers.

But hunderds of years later Raziel is bestowed the gift of resurrection by the big squid chief or Eldy God giving Raziel true “Free Will” so death is a distant memory to Raziel from that point forth. The Elder God tells Raziel that he will give him the means to take revenge and kill Kain and his brothers that betrayed him and calls Raziel his angel of death or “A Soul Reaver”.

The story starts from there, but I hope that PS3 will make the series revamped more then before this game has always been a good game classic and does deserve to be let out of the dam cage! LOL.


I even think that Part 3 the endgame last one of the series went unchecked, as Raziel truly understood his role and purpose and so does Kain as they combine forces (Raziel becomes the actual Soul Reaver LOL a spirit trapped inside the sword!? While Kain use it to kill the Elder God yea his big squid ass was corrupted  far far worse then Kain).

But they only trapped him, THEY DIDN’T KILL HIM!! 😦 . So I am looking forward to this PS3 exclusive (they will have it on XBOX360 probably also, hey it’s all about the Benjis right?) Because this game I hope, will be the badass it was from when it first rolled out over 10yrs ago!

Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver Is Crawling Back From Underneath It’s Rock?… Revamped With Wings!

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till next time people! My Motto:  Stay clam, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing in life that stops you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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