Jeepers Creepers 3 (Cathedral) I Had To Go And Bring It Up Didn’t I…

Jeepers Creepers (2001 film)

Jeepers Creepers (2001 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I’m still contemplating when will it surface to the silver screen, so say Jeepers Creepers 3 No… “Get out they not making a 3”. This is what a friend of mines keeps telling me but I tell him right back, “But hey what about that barn scene”.

Then he says barn scene? Yea that scene where the now very old Jack Taggert is sitting snugly in that chair with a harpy in hand. And three kids show up to see the infamous Creeper strapped high up on the wall, awaiting his revivual to do what he does best [GO BODYSNATCHING] . Then Marv my friend says “Oh yea, I forgot”… LOL I mean come on right, part one is where Trish and Darry Jenner are coming home for spring break from college from Bannon University.

(LOL i never paid attention to the name of the school they attended, then it hit me when i kept staring at the dam big bold cased letters on Darry’s T-shirt: Lightbulb goes off Oh yea, I knew that. Yea, K) So they are driving through the Florida countryside in Trish’s ride a 60′ Impala, when a brief encounter takes place as a chevy death mobile from hell suped up blows his horn and scaring the fageez out of the two.

But he goes in the other lane and shoots by them like they only driving 15 m.p.h. (What the hell type of engine did he have under the hood anyway?) Later they see the Creeper from a distant with something wrapped in dirty sheets dumping it into a huge drain pipe, the Creeper sees them looking and jumps in the chevy big wheel machine and chases them.

After a scary second confortation of a road pursuit by the Creeper, he nearly creams Trish and Darry until they veered off the road to escape. Then Darry does something stupid, he goes and breaks the Jason Vorhiees /Mike Myers rules and tells Trish lets go back and look down the pipe… [PAUSE, wait for it] “Darry? Are you @#!?! NUTS!!” Is what type look his sister had on her face. So he basically gets turned into a masterpiece by the creeper at the end and why… BEING TOO DAM NOISY!

In part two, it starts off with Jack Taggert a farmer which is putting up fence posts while his older son is fixing on their car. His younger son is playing in the cornfield, and the boy notices that a scarecrow that cannot seem to stay still (Maybe Mr.Scarecrow is having a termite itch attack. Yea K..) Before he knows it the boy is in trouble and screams and runs to get to his older brother.

The Creeper blows the charade as a scarecrow and quickly gets the boy, and Jack and his older son try to run to his aid only to see the boy being carried off into the air by the Creeper who flies off with him. After the creeper decides he’s not done for the day yet, he then goes after a school bus full of kids starting off with the coach, the bus driver then, coach [What is that like a 1,2,1 air juggle combo… Tekken? Nah].

He’s quick flying around like that, and I almost forgot he kept making these spike things from what use to be Darry’s bellybutton {Really?.. He did Darry wrong in the worse way! LOL} And busted the tires on the bus, BY SLASHING THEM REPEATEDLY!! The kids are left eventually to fend for themselves on the bus and the Creeper slyly manages to come at them from different angles, taking parts from a few [Dude Is Presistent] and they make a plan to flee the bus {One of the school kids did radio out and managed to alert but who of all people good ol’ Jack Taggert!}

As the kids run for their lives towards a farm the creepers again takes out a few (two more unfortunates) as they run through a field. Jack Sr. and his older son show up to exact revenge on the Creeper, and to help the remaining school kids. Taggert manages to take down the Creeper with a harpoon gun, and stabs it until the Creeper gives up and goes into remission mode.

This is where one student (The dreamer girl Minxie)tells him that the Creeper isn’t dead and will come back to life in 23 years. So Taggert takes it and places it strapped up high against the wall in his barn for all to see like a roadside freak show, while waiting 23 years to kill it again.

So three starts off from here  “The Endgame“, so this means it’s time to figure out what the Creeper really is (You dam well know it’s a backstory layout in this one). But wait he has a visitor that wants to rekindle some memories. Trish Jenner pays respects!! Yea she teams up to help Taggert and Son to take the creeper’s ass out once and for all.

Twenty-three yrs after Trish loses Darry because of that thing I know she pissed! And Jack has the Smithen-Western Harpoon collection set ready too ready to buckshot it back to hell in tribute to his fallen younger son. Wow, that’s a rough wake up call to adjust to haha.

Other then that, it supposely talks about the Creeper and the old west… (Bonanza ummm…) So from there I don’t know about you but I want to see the crap out of this movie already, but you have to wait till next year. Hollywood sucks, (humor there people hollywood is well hollywood) and the CREEPER is in trouble! Because he got ALOT of explaining to do with  Taggert’s sharp rods pointing at his face…

Jeepers Creepers 3 (Cathedral) I Had To Go And Bring It Up Didn’t I…

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till then. My Motto: Stay clam, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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