Batman’s Alternate Outfits/Vehicles? From Back In The Day…

Bat Mobile. Special Presentation of Cars Used ...

Bat Mobile. Special Presentation of Cars Used in Movie’s and Television. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Batman And The History of the Batsuit

Batman And The History of the Batsuit (Photo credit:

I ran across this site, it was a halloween custom site actually. And the thing about it was, I saw a few different varities of Batman suitted outfits different offbeat colors. Now we all know that Bruce Wayne A.K.A “The Dark Knight“, always had that hidden feather under the hat or a always back up plan (Like Backup Kryptonite For Sups In Case His Ass Goes Postal And Decides To Tear Off The Huge Daily Planet Globe Ball And Go Bouncy Ball With It Down Lois Lane Ave Through Downtown Metropolis To Gotham City Just For Kicks) for dire straits of any situation. But have you really stopped to think to yourself, this guy is a billionaire like it’s going out of style in the worst way and he only has a few custom suits and vehicles to toggle? Naw dude has to much cache, cazh, cash.

The this back in 1939, Batman had suits that changed year to year (39,40,41 etc…) and he did that to keep up with the times. I saw some of his outfits was really…well how can I say (I couldn’t stop LMAO and that went on about as long as one those overly ran Captain Morgan commercials, that seemingly ran every other commercial during a profile Super Bowl Game) they looked like Cosmo Kramer in a jacked up flimsy floppy catastrophic nightmare of a

Batsuit, it would make Alfred even say [“Really Sir I Have To Call The Police In On This Matter”, “Why Would You Call The GCPD into this Alfred?” “Yes Sir, Then I Would Tell Them To Patch Me Through To The Fashion Department For Immediate Assistance”…]

The earliest set of suits that was mismatched in color (I saw that on the LAUGHING SQUID.COM site) it looked like to me the planning of the early model Bat Suits was lacking imagination. I mean really a guy dresses up as the big “B” in all his dark glory to battle crime, and shows up to a burglary in some paper plastic mismatched colored 5 cent bat attire. AND HE EXPECTS TO BE TOOKEN SERIOUSLY!?… Come On Now.

And the cars from back then LOL. In One of the 30’s Batman vehicles was also the same car “Master Bruce” as Alfred would say, would chauffeured around in by his obedient butler buddy! And back then LOL the cars were made of steel and not fiber glass (So basically a 30’s-40’s Batmobile Armored Style Muscle/Luxury Car… Chasing Criminals??).

And if the GCPD was fooled into thinking that it wasn’t Bruce Wayne in that car and they see it again parked outside of Wayne’s Industries Corp. Apparently it did fool them, so i guess pass the pipe I have to say on that one ROTFLR because then they must be deaf, dumb, dumber, and blind (Yea maybe the cops resembled a slight comparison to Jim Carry on top of it all…RIDDLE ME THIS?).

But over the years even the Batmobile has stepped up it game and arsenal of toys and gadgets to boot, (The Batmobile in the 60 series was actually a step in the right director just that Adam West LOL as Batman back then was just cornball stuff sorry West but you just not Batman Material in my eyes). And the suits definately stepped from when Micheal keaton donned the Batsuit in the 80’s up to now with Bale donning it now in 12′.

And over all it’s Batman for the future if you really think about it, this superhero definately has spread his  military smart memory enhanced Batwings to new destined heights. BATMAN FOREVER!! My Motto: Stay clam, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!



Batman’s Alternate Outfits/Vehicles? From Back In The Day


(By: Jaye Irons)

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