Amanda Todd: The Girl That Just Wanted To Be Accepted…

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This is a story about this girl named Amanda Todd. Amanda was a bright young girl ,intelligent, kind, the type of person who just wanted to be like any other teen in high school to be cool, and accepted. But things turned ugly for this young lady as her normal everyday life was brutally destroyed because of cyberbullying. So the story goes like this Amanda with on facebook one day with her friends, and Amanda was getting compilments from people that she was a beautiful looking girl. But then someone wanted her to flash them, so she did. She received a email message from this boy, saying that if she didn’t “Put On A Show For Him”, that he would show her pictures online to people she knew (family, friends, etc..). Then one early morning she got a visit at her place. It was the police, and was notified about the pictures online and confronted her about them. And everyone else she knew had been sent her pictures that the boy posted online as well. As a result she fell into a deep state of depression and she would go into panic attacks, and to deal with her troubles she started using drugs and alcohol. But her depression and anxiety attacks had only gotten worse, she had developed a withdrawal complex (she couldn’t go outside). After a year the same boy came back online, and made yet another facebook page of Amanda. After she had moved and made new friends, he had the photo that he had of her topless was on his facebook profile page. She said at that point it, “That she cried every night, had lost her newly made friends and her respect”. So the new kids at her school started teasing her over the photos relentlessly, they started making judgement calls about her because of the situation at hand. Because of all this going on in her life, she started self mutilating herself (Cutting on herself with sharp objects). She then moved again, in order to attend yet another school. Things did start to get better for her, she stayed to herself at lunch and she would go to the library to read to get her mind off her past that troubled her. A month goes by, and she meets a old friend of hers. They would text each other back and forth, and he started to say that he liked her. But he lied to her about having a girlfriend already, and convinced her to come over to his place telling her that his girlfriend was away on vacation. She decided to meet up with the boy, and they became intimate upon the encounter. A week later she was at school, and she got a text saying “Get Out Of Your School. His girlfriend and some other girls (including the boy) confront her. The girls tell her “No one likes you here“, in front of the entire school. Then some guy yells, “Just punch her already!”. The boy’s girlfriend throws her to the ground and punched her a few times, and the other kids took videos with their cell phones of it all. They left Amanda all alone lying on the ground. And this destroyed her, she believed that she had no place in the world and felt unwanted. The teachers tried to help Amanda after the attack, but she was unresponsive to them, and went and layed in a ditch and eventually her father showed up at her school to help her. Her father took her home, but then Amanda was thinking to herself things was not going to get better for her. She then consumes liquid bleach, as a result she had to then be rushed to the hospital (via ambulance) where they had to pump out of her (externally) the bleach that she drank. And when she got home from the hospital, she goes on facebook only to be subjected to more ridicule from kids at her school. So the girl moved again to stay with her mom. Amanda didn’t even press charges, due to attack that she was subjected to from the bullies at the previous school. She just wanted to move on with her life. Some months go by, and then kids are posting pictures of bleach, clorex, & ditches to taunt her repeatingly on facebook. They even suggested that she should try different types of bleach, telling to keep it up till she hits the jackpot  in killing herself. But Amanda goes on, she was receiving counselling and she was on anti-depression pills. Then a little after that, she overdosed and was hospitalized for  two days. At this point she finally grows tired of her juxtaposition, the ridicule, the teasing. And she cries out, because she needs somebody in her life that could just simply be a true friend. She then later took her own life in order to find peace. Now I’m going to tell you something, this… this is bullshit on the part of the bullies, that tormented this poor girl. She made a mistake (WE ALL DO DAMMIT!), and the thing is what if it was one of those cyber bully punks that was on the receiving end of what she had to go through. IT WOULDN’T BE NICE NOW WOULD IT, if it was one of YOU that was in her position. A friend of mines Tasheba told me to post this story about Amanda, and I gotta tell you it was my pleasure to do so because this cyberbullying B.S. need to stop! Seriously!! As for Amanda Todd, I really hate that for this young lady. She just didn’t deserve none of that, it’s just a dam shame, IT’S A DAM SHAME, how people can be so cruel and evil. And judgement day for them I can only imagine with God will have to say to them about what they put Amanda through…

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