Tekken 7: Namco If You Do Make A 7, Do It Right This Time (Blaze Stinger Attack Bring It Back!!)

Tekken 6

Tekken 6 (Photo credit: action_1971)

Now Street Fighter, had came upon the scene back in the 80’s. Then it was Mortal Kombat, followed by Killer Instinct (Which Nobody Seems To Remember At All!). Finally Tekken made it to the scene in 94′. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, where basically established by then but Killer Instinct died out.

Now i will share my likes about Tekken 6 and my DisL’s. So Tekken was created by Namco, and it was a different spinned martial art type fighting game at that time. And the story in each game in the main series holds key events of a fighting tournment called “The King Of Iron Fist Tournment”, which is ran by the Mishima Zaibatsu Corporation.

The key of winning the tournment, would allow the winner to host the following tournment that is next after. So in Tekken 1 the characthers where just really getting introduced into the game, their plans and agendas to win the tournment and of course who they did and didn’t like as the fought in the tournment.

Tekken 2 (Keep In Mind Ts Is Only A Gameplay Focus On Tekken) characthers where more mobile in movement and of course, it had a few more features like “Neutral Block” as long if the combatant is not performing any actions of attack they will display auto block (But Only High & Middle, They Are Still Vunderable To A Low Attack).

Even if the character steps back in retreat the are in “Neutral Block” still, but if the character crouches then they can avoid high attacks (via) same time block any low attacks. Then escapes actions as well as throws, and ground attacks like in “Ultimate Fighting” was place in it as well.

And unlike Mortal Kombat where you have a block button, Tekken doesn’t one simply pulls the joystick (or) push the D-pad in the reverse direction of their opponent to block. But in Tekken 3, it got better…

Namco decided to implicate, the ability to sidestep around the opponent making openings for attacks. A roll to safety feature also present in it would give the character a chance to avoid a further ground attack from their opponent. Tekken 4 added to movements and mobility, and introduced the 3D platform instead of the traditional 2D.

And the background fighting environment could be more uneven and complexed when moving or attacking, that made the fighting more interesting and more variables throw in to shift the battle between to fighters in a instance.

Tekken 5, though veered away from the uneven ground atmosphere and focused more on a barricade of wall type fighting styled arenas bringing a more in your face fight between two fighters.

But Tekken 6 LOL, yea that one… Well 6, is modeled like 5 (Except For The Character Realism Which Is Really Stepped Up In Design Graphics) It has donned a “RAGE MODE” which only manifests itself when the character is low in health, meaning they can do more damage in hits to bring a comeback at the last minute type battle to the table and they can try to steal a victory if possible.

And the environments are more interactive like collapsing floors, breakable walls if the character is thrown or hits the ground with excessive impact.

Now this all sounds good like a kid in a candy store with double mint fudge ice cream dipping from their fingertips in all it’s glory. The problem I have though with Tekken 6, is most moves can be spammed like crazy and sometimes the wall attacks can be very VERY CHEAP!

And the counters, LOL some players COUNTER all day and that is just garbage. Namco needs to do a little more homework and take a page out of Mortal Kombat “Deadly Alliance” and have a 3 counter allowance out of the whole 3 round battle. Meaning, that 3 counters that can be done only throughout a 3 round fight (And I mean if you use up all 3 counter attacks in one round well no more counters for you there after haha).

And NAMCO, stop hating on Nina Williams, you took away her blaze stinger attack!!, and her low jab can be interruped way too easy. So you guys can make up for that in the NEXT… Installment!! You guys wanna do a 7 you know you do…

Tekken 7: Namco If You Do Make A 7, Do It Right This Time (Blaze Stinger Attack Bring It Back!!)

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then people. My Motto: Stay clam, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing  that keeps you form making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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