Argentine Government Goes Off The Radar… (Clarin Give Up The Duggets…)

English: Intercons Tower - Buenos Aires Argent...

English: Intercons Tower – Buenos Aires Argentina Español: Torre Intercons – Buenos Aires Argentina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Saturday. The Government there gave a media critic (Grupo Clarin), a deadline to sell it’s broadcasting stations. Dec 7 is the timeline at which ends the media monopoly faction that had put itself above the law in a defiance manner. So Clarin holds control of over 200 cables systems, almost a dozen radio stations, and four T.V. channels, and that doesn’t even include the daily flagship newspaper.

With this army of stations in full force, have challenged the 2009 media laws  that a company can own at one time and it is deemed non-constitutional. President Cristina Fernandez had a strong viewpoint of expression about the matter (Clarin a definate anatagonnist of President Fernandez).

Fernandez feels that legal scholars support it’s position that even if its injunction expires on Dec.7, it should have another year to pursue its challenge of the law before being casted off permanently. So Saturday, when the much anticipated and watch soccer games was taking place on T.V. a long televised broadcast from what the government called a deadline date “7D” was said to bring “diversity and democracy” to Argentina’s media.

So that means that basically Grupo’s dynasty flock of cable T.V. stations are up on the auction block, if Clarin decides to violate media laws by not compiling. And jobs would be preserved and that transferring the licenses to new owners would reflect more points of view.

“The Spot”, said that “The Argentine state will not expropriate the news media; the Argentine state will not nationalize the news media. The Argentine state will guarantee their jobs and compliance with a law that democratizes the news media in the Argentine republic.

Clarin took action immediately against the government of attemping an illegal maneuver law giving companies a year to sell away it’s own assets in mannerable fashion.  And Clarin’s online edition suggested of a payback tactic, for it’s media group’s comprehensive coverage last week of the largest anti-government rally protest that has been witnessed in Argentina in a long time.

Clarin’s media associates, where basically the only ones who covered the news on massive mobiliztions, and cacerolazos against government factions, while the media that depends directly or indirectly on the government and if it decides to simply ignore the protest wedged against it.

In coordination with that line that came down from the Casa Rosada, “Clarin said on it’s newspaper site”. And Fernandez has nearly utilized every scrap of government power at a snap of her fingers, to attack Clarin, which she uses the media (newspaper and news programs) to expose Clarin’s reprehensible actions.

Ernestina Herrera de Noble, faces illegal adoption accusations for years until DNA test finally showed no link to a database of victims of the 1970’s military junta.

Other executives of Clarin and another critic La Nacion, are still facing potential human rights trial because of the allegations of working with dictators to take over Argentina’s only newsprint provider from 36 years ago, from a family whose members were imprisoned and brutally tortured by the junta.

Both papers have gone to court to advert any more attempts by the governement from controlling the newsprint supply all together. More on this story in a future post.

Argentine Government Goes Off The Radar… (Clarin Give Up The Duggets…)

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till then. My Motto: Stay clam, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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