Chicago’s Gun Blasted Blues…

Chicago Police Department

Chicago Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some time now, Chicago has been the focus of some heavy high crime rated activity since the beginning of 2012. The focus of it all is the gun violence, that has tooken the city by storm.

From gangs, unnecessary confortations, and reckless actions of trouble makers that just run amock. Just like a like a teen that was murdered, over a pair of sneakers. Cops are on edge at every turn.

And demand for cops has risen, due to the criminal activity a foot.

Meanwhile, situations like weekend shootings where the death toll numbers seem to only to become the norm in Chicago. Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy talked about the “Inexcusable” level Of violence.

McCarthy said that “We had bad first quarter, which now is in the books and we are turning that around, we got a shooting reduction within the last 10 weeks where the police force has stepped up and has help to drop criminal activity, murder shootings, and we even set up a “Gang Ordit” where we have study various areas of the city where gangs have established in different districts and we chronicled who’s in which gang, which turfs they call their own, who their in conflict with, and how many total gangs there are in the city.

And we came up with 59 different gangs, with more than 600 factions of those gangs. He goes on to say the when people asks him “Well why is the Chicago Police Force, changing the we the way they do business?” And he said that some people felt they were doing fine, McCarthy said then that, “So we were doing fine with 3 times the murder rate of New York City, to me that’s not fine celebrating to a number of 400 murders”.

But the thing is the Chicago Police Force is now looking for ways to get the goal to zero murders, and zero shootings.

And the fact that Chicago is only one-third the size of New York City, but same has the same number murder rate of NYC is not a good outfit look on Chicago. So now it’s just more focus on those type of stats that needs to be dropped down way below the murder rate number statistics now.

Chicago Police needs a little more help with “Perception”, sometimes they seem to wind up shooting themselves in the foot which is not how they want to be labelled as being useless and non-effective law enforcement officers. And it’s seem like a likely situation that violence will be a contested measure of challenge to Chicago as it rolls on to the end of the 2012 year.

Till then, My Motto: Stay clam, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself so strive for the best!

Chicago’s Gun Blasted Blues…

(By: Jaye Irons)

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