RFID Chips?? Implants… (Oh @!#&!)

RFID Chips?? Implants… (Oh @!#&!)

Now I saw this one movie about 20 years ago, and it was a story about the future in all it’s

glory where everything is automated and you really don’t have to lift a finger to do much but

you have to follow the rules. And it comes with a little package prize that is place inside your

hand and it has a blinking light that seems innocent like a pacemaker or something of that fashion BUT No.

RFID Chip 007

I Have to refer to this movie yet again because it seems to fall straight in line with this situation. Yup, I said it before Demolition Man. And the part I refer to in that movie is when the Police Capt. George Earl, addresses to John Spartan that a coded chip is implanted into his hand keeps track of his whereabouts 24/7.

LOL, WHAT…?! So here we go with the GPS cell phone tracker, GPS car tracker, now GPS human tracker. I mean how can you lose yourself?? LOL. And the downside to this whole wonder chip is that it can be harmful to you in some ways, one being if you have this chip inside your body, and you are standing near a strong electromagnetic field the chip may cause a burning sensation to the host’s hand or wherever it is implanted inside the host(you).

Then there’s the kill you part mechanism if you act-a-fool, step out of line for any apparent reason, if you eat too much, excessive drinking, could you imagine what this could do to a heavily addicted drug addict that is if everybody of course has to be implanted with these things. (LOL, that could actually curve the ROAD RAGE present today in this land of the free… haha).

A Saudi inventor has developed this chip for the actual purpose to track terrorists, and criminals, and it has a GPS tracker, AND… a little package to go alone with this deadly little bugger, it carries a dosage of cyanide in it as well to be released into the blood stream in case if one slips up, (Or What Most Would Step Out And Say, “Falling Off The Wagon”).

The bright side to the chip, (Yea It Has A Silver Line In It) is that it can monitor one vital signs and can detect something like heat exhaustion as suppose to it reading the body like a early warning mechanism.

And this can range down to something like even keeping track of your pet that might run away, so no more “Hey Sparky! Come On Boy Where You Hiding At”… “I Know You There Boy…{Sparky Thinks To Himself Outloud… “Dam Chip Man!, I Can’t Raid The Beef Jerky Snack Tray No More”…}

But on a serious note, it does definately intrude on people’s private endeavors. Weather you go to do something wrong or anything else of personal pleasure your basically are being monitored and tracked like well… a master walking his dog on a lease type   of senario. The FDA(Food Drug Administration), has approved this sanction, it’s elective and voluntary, and it can help in terms of gathering information to better identity and monitor one’s medical dispositions.

BUT… If you filp the other side of the copper coin, most people would think that this is a some killer chip monitor conspiracy thing manifesting in the mist and give us a false sense of security. LOL, I saw this coming though 20 years ago after watching Demolition Man and figured that they would plug us with the “Low Jacking Chip” (LJC) eventually. Oh Brother, I guess John Spartan had it right when he said “Why Don’t You Just Shove A Lease Up My A@!” — Later guys.


Till then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing in life that keeps you form making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!  

RFID Chips?? Implants… (Oh @!#&!)

(By: Jaye Irons)

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