Queen Elizabeth II: Is A False Monarch Closely Related To The Rothschilds And The Vatican?…

Queen Elizabeth II: Is A False Monarch Closely Related To The Rothschilds And The Vatican?…

With a said accumulated wealth of 17 trillion dollars, Queen Elizabeth could turn the world into paradise and still be filthy rich. But as this Germanic false monarchy are the reincarnations of their blood-lusting ancestors, the likesof Vlad the Impaler and Jack the Ripper, they have chosen a path of evil. Prince Charles thinks the slums of India would make a perfect model for future society.

King George VI (shown left) with Eleanor Roose...

Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, wants to come back as a virus to wipe out humanity. Elizabeth, the custodian to the throne of the King of kings, has failed in her duty to bring wealth and healing to all the people of the earth.

Her father King George VI told her to stand down when the Christ returned to claim his rightful throne, but she has failed to do so. Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall the reincarnated Christ served the Queen a proclamation to the throne in 2010. She is not the Queen but the Whore of Revelation, and the nations will come to hate the Whore. She is head and member of many secret societies and Luciferian organizations. And to add weight to that being said the media has mislead the public into thinking that Elizabeth II is symbolic ceremonial figurehead, with little and no real power.

And she has been riddled to be a cold careless queen that spends her time simply sipping tea at her palace. Nothing can be further from the truth, as British Monarch she is the second wealthiest most powerful person on earth. She embodies the crown and supreme world power.

President of the U.S. are forbidden any title of nobility and are subservient to the monarch. The U.S. President is the commander and chief of the armed forces based at “Camp David“, which is known to insiders is as “Camp King David”. Prime Ministers and commonwealth nations like Canada and Austrlia are also subservient representative of the British King or Queen they are her spokesmen.

The Governor Generals of the Queen commonwealth nations represent and exercise the queen’s power on her behalf. What the general public doesn’t realize is that the leaders are only representatives of the monarch and do not have the power, they exercise the power , and they do not reign they rule.

The Monarch on the other hand does reign, but does not rule possess the power but does not exercise it. So by deligating her powers instead of exercising her power the Queen is left safely outside and above the conflicts of the divisions of the political process. She is protected from becoming a target of political hostilites.

Meanwhile the general public is left out in the dark, about the Queen’s true power that she actually has. Power that she delagates but has not yet chose to exercise. So what exactly are these powers that the Queen possess but has not chose to exercise? Her power include the power to chose a Prime Minister and to dismiss the Prime Minister through her Governor General.

The Personal Flag of Queen Elizabeth II, used ...

The power to dismiss Ministers and the Government itself. The power to dissolve Parliament and call new elections. The power to refuse legislation that is passed by Parliament. The power to command armed forces and raise a personal militia. She has the power to read Governmental Documents and Intelligent Reports.

The Power to issue proclamations with the consent of Parliament. LOL and there is still other things that Queen Elizabeth, is capable of. Few people realize that not a single law is passed without her input (or) rather her consent. Hell, she even has the power parton convicted criminals if she wanted to.

So why has the Queen been allowed to legally possess such supreme powers? For the sake of tradition?? And what exactly is the meaning of the term the “Crown”? Well the crown is defined as the executive powers exercised in the name of the Monarch. And the actual crown itself, is worn by the Monarch is a symbol of the Queen’s executive powers.  Then check this out for further push of power: The leaders of  54 commonwealth nations right, must swear an oath of loyalty to the Queen and not to the people who elected them…

So if anybody that takes office and aligned themselves to her must swear a oath to her and if not, then she has the power to have them step down and deem them unfit for office. That goes for Prime Ministers, Police, Military, Judges, Legislators, Lawyers, and Public Servants. New Citizens to the commonwealth nations, also must swear alligence to her majesty the Queen.

Public Land and the Queen’s colony like Canada, is called “Crown Land” and includes abarigdonal land. Government Corporations are called “Crown Corporations“.  She even has stuff like Canadian  War Ships, which are called (HMCS), meaning “Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship” and ditto for Austrlia as she has warships there, called (HMAS) so do the math and subtract out the Canadian part out of the part the word and replace it with the Austrlia. And the national police force in Canada is called the “Royal Canadian Mountee Police”.

All Government contracts are individual and her Majesty’s. Court summons are issued in the name of the Queen, and all public confirees are called royal commissions. Commonwealth money that is printed with the Queen’s image is carried world wide, as a constant reminder of her authority.The Queen is the lifetime heritary of state of Great Britain and her colonies, and is unelected and unaccountable. It is against the law to advocate disambiguation toward the Monarch.

So think about this, what is the cost of the British tax payers to support the Queen, and her blue blood antoroage? The public accounts committee and national audit office, are forbidden to examine Queen Elizabeth’s family finances.

But the civil list payments are reviewed every 10 years. So for the end year of  March 2002, the running expenses of the Winsor Household was 7.9 million pounds. Family spending was 35.3 million pounds, Security 30 million and the list just goes on… How much is the Queen actually worth? It goes into 3 categories on division of wealth.

  • Her Wealth As The Monarch
  • Visible Personal Wealth
  • Invisible Personal Wealth

The Queen’s wealth as the Monarch includes 54 commonwealth nations world wide, millions of acres of Crown Land and resources, thousands of Crown Land corporations. And the corporate city state of London, which is the capitol of world finances.

The Queens visible personal wealth, which was garnered tax free until 1992 includes. Royal Yachts, Royal Royces, Racing Horses, 5 Castles, The World’s Largest Collection In Jewels, 20,000 Old Masterpieces, And Billions Of Cache Shares And Blue Chips Stocks & Bonds which has been invested and re-invested tax free. Most of the Queens family wealth, was inherited from her ancestors of legal open trade with China.

And the black slave trade. In 1977, the of England nominees was established to hide the Queen’s personal portfolio of her wealth. As the British Monarch, the has access to privileged information and state secrets and the world’s top financiers. She is immune to accusations insider trading and conflicts of interests.

Her financial portfolio includes Rio Tinto, General Electric, Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, and again the lists goes on LOL… The Queens other visible assets are just a tiny fraction of her invisible wealth that has been garnered through the Black Nobility. What is the Black Nobility? The Black Nobility of the wealthy aristocracy of elite ruling families, who solidify their power in the 12th century by inter marrying with the wealthy “Godfather Families”, of Venice,Italy.

During the bloodbaths of this christian crusades, this brutal Italian Allegory had captured the trading monopolies. Over the centuries the Black Nobility used their power and wealth to rape, plunder, and exploit every corner of the globe. Dr. John Coleman’s book “The Committee Of 300“, described the history of assassinations, kidnappings, robberies, rape, blackmail, and terror committed by these inbred families on a grand scale. Today, they enrich themselves in the legal drug and arms trade using well distant intermediates.

An estimated $280 Billion in flight capitol and drug money, flows into the secret Swiss accounts. Who are these ruling “Black Nobility” families? They include the “House Of Hanover, Germany”, the “House Of Hapsburg, Austria”, “House Of Orange, Netherlands”, “House Of Lichtenstein, Lichtenstein, and the “House Of Guelph, Britain. All of these houses can be found on Queen Elizabeth’s family tree.

The Black Nobility are the founders of the “Illuminati” (meaning the eliminated ones). Queen Elizabeth II, is head of the committee of these 300 ruling families. And the Illuminati was formed to achieve one main objective: One World Government called “New World Order” (NWO). WOW, right about now, I know that some British citizens are like dam, “I didn’t know that chick had all that type of Clout!” LOL.

Queen Elizabeth II: Is A False Monarch Closely Related To The Rothschilds And The Vatican?…

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till then. My Motto:  Stay clam, cool ,collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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2 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II: Is A False Monarch Closely Related To The Rothschilds And The Vatican?…

  1. http://www.youtube.com/user/swordoftruth888
    Thank you. Brian the Christ is in Toogoom with myself and believers from around the world. It has been reported the Queen abdicated on October 28th 2011, on that date the Earth population reached 7 billion. Elizabeth is compelled by the former king who commanded her to hand over the throne to Christ, and as she was served by Christ on June 14th 2010 to abdicate. His “Final Warning” posted on March 2nd Australian time, proving absolutely his identity. Therefore the queen can not abdicate to anyone under any situation other than the command by her father, Christ only, bottom line. When you find the above site owned by Joel who lives with us. Kind regards Janelle.

    • I just know she controls alot of things in terms of operations, not just in the UK but around the world.

      She definitely has the ‘flex’ to get things done.

      As long as she doesn’t fall totally to the influence of power, which is at her fingertips.

      Prince William has failed in that area LOL. Especially his comments of “Shooting Insurgents Out In Afghanistan”. He clearly has already lost his way into the “Power Corruption Department.”

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