Dead Space 3: Weapon Detail Time!! Oh Boy, What To Tear Up First :-)

Isaac battles a Necromorph.

Isaac battles a Necromorph. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plasma cutter

Plasma cutter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So for most gamers, we love shooter type games, games with unexplainable horrors,  good polished storyline, (Dam didn’t think about  the Metal Gear Solid Series, maybe next time, SNAKE!) GPS locators, nagging ship captains or computer specialists giving you frantic details of mission duties that is dire for you to complete or it means the end for you and your crew.


Plus a added variable, IT ALL TAKES PLACE IN SPACE OR A NECROMORPH INFECTED SHIP OR PLANET! Now that we got past the formalities of the mechanics here. This cooks up a topic for the game “Dead Space 3”. But this is only about the gameplay,  yea, yea, I know… you want the story thrown in. Dam I’m tired but ok i guess, let me see where to start where to… Oh yea Elle Langford that hot sister is back and meets up with bad ass necromorph killer expert Issac Clarke, from part 2. And this time it’s not just another random planet that they might decided to planet crack just for kicks draining it of it’s core power source(USG Ishamura from the first game was a  giant planet cracking ship that got infected with the necromorph out break) no no see, this time they stumble on the source of the ( NECROMORPH EPIDEMIC)


. So after the events of part 2 Issac and Elle escaping the Sprawl (Issac Took Out The Marker And Elle Shows Up In A Ship Carrier Craft Helps Issac To Evade His Fate On The Sprawl) as it blows up from subsequential damage, an audio transmission is heard between two people: an unknown subordinate and his ranking superior known only as “The Overseer” from one of the text logs (Which can collected and you can listen to in the game). The subordinate relays that the Titan Station (Which was Marker Site 12) and the Site 12 Marker have been destroyed.


The Overseer replies that the other sites will have to “pick up the pieces”. Fast forward to part 3 (only telling a little on 3 by the way…) After escaping the Sprawl, Issac and Elle then encounter Sgt. John Carver a survivor of a Necromorph incident on the planet Uxor; and discover Tau Volantis, a frozen planet where the ruins of another planetcracker ship are found. Realizing that these miners had found the “source” of the Markers, the group tries to land on the frigid planet; however, the ship breaks apart upon entry, and Elle is separated from the others. Issac then goes off to save her along with the original goal of stopping the Markers.


Many obstacles the two must face include a new human enemy. Unitologist soldiers; environmental hazards like falling machinery and a giant mining drill; and of course more and new variants of Necromorph, like the giant insect-esque Nexus. And along with this brings up the question, “So What Hell Do they Use To Kill The Necromorphs This Time Round?” Well, first off you need a kickass blaster, but this time unlike just grabbing a plasma cutter, you can actually built it yourself with the instruction kit in the box that comes along with it to boot.. (After all Issac Is A Engineer Right? Gotta Show What He Really Knows Then!!)


So it starts with the Workbench which you need to modify and enhance your weapons, the Plasma Cutter was a simple mining tool that was used for cutting thick boulders, but Issac don it as a weapon of choice. And the power nodes from the 1st and 2nd installs of the game was a way to increase the power and speed output of a weapon, faster reload enhancement in terms of speed etc.. In the start of part 2, when Issac comes across the Plasma Cutter for the first time he combines it with a flashlight for a duel purpose use. But in part 3, it was back to the drawning board for the wonder bench of weapon enhancement heaven.


It was tweaked to where you don’t only upgrade your weapons, but you can now make your design weapon of choice!!.. OF YOUR CHOICEAnd you can actually built it from scratch. Like if you want it to have a heavy frame (Encasement),the type of engine parts to apply to it, electric outputs, primary adapters and secondary yea didn’t leave it out, compressor parts, Diffraction Toruses, just whatever the !@#@% you what to throw in to make your weapons style choice. And the weapons look GREAT!! And the awe jaw dropping performance of them would bring a Sears & Roebuck Auto Parts Mechanic to his knees with a tear in his eye on how detailed and polished these bad boy weaps just plain perform when fired, and their unique craftmanship look…


Then not to mention, if you want a single handed gun, or a two handed duel action pair you got it! 😀 If want it to have a plasma core engine, or a torus core engine knock yourself out! Flaming bullets, combined with a fire source, see this is the way Dead Space should have been done at least I say the second time around (or this should have been done in part 2) but hey, it’s never to late to discover something new. So i’m looking forward to the storyline, the WEAPS oh yea the WEAPS!! And all the dam insane crazy that is DEAD SPACE, so nothing less will safice!! Till then gamers.


Till Then My Motto: Stay clam, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you form making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!


(By: Jaye Irons)

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