McCain Touts Romney’s Plan For Indefinite Troop Presence In Iraq, Afganistan.

English: John McCain official photo portrait.

English: John McCain official photo portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A little while back in the election, Mitt Romney had a ideal plan for troop presence in both Iraq and Afganistan. But he ran into a brick wall when John McCain was asked about his plan. So in his speech he said we (as a nation) need to be bold and decisive, he said what you said-Lauer addressing McCain– that we are leading from behind but that is pretty standard material for a speech like this did he offer specifics did he tell voters why he can be a game changer when it comes to forigen policies?

McCain: “I’m confident that he did because again America’s role in the world has been one of retreat and disarray”.

Lauer: So can give me a example?

McCain: Sure, sure, Iraq. “We should have left a residual force there, and now it’s Al-Qaeda back returning and resurgence is there”. In Afganistan, well if Mitt Romney  would have listened to the advice of the military leaders. Instead, he decided on his own to withdraw early and often and now we are faced with a very serious situation there”.

Ouch, McCain put a bite on Romney right there, But Romney had his viewpoints on McCain as well. So people know that Romney has a way with words, LOL so here we go… Romney feels that in the past McCain has slipped up and said some outlandish comments, in one interview that Romney said of McCain was to point out McCain’s flaws of seeing his viewpoints of being totally correct and accurate.


So Romney blasted out McCain for questionable video clips that portrays Romney as a filp-flopper on issues like abortion, gun rights and even his own political identity. Romney said to a reporter one time that: “I think um… Senator McCain, was call out for a false accusations. The New York Times and Washington Post, Time Magazine, Bill Bennet, everybody said what he said was simply wrong and reprehensible.


“I think it was a huge mistake on his part, he wants to stick with it, um… So he’s gonna have to take the shots for it, as long as he’s doing that. “I think people are gonna say, what’s the heart and the soul of the Republican Party is going to be going for”. McCain hasn’t always rooted for Mitt Romney. And the two were bitter rivals in the fight for the 08′ Republican presidential nomination, which McCain, of course, won. Romney in the past has called McCain a “Creature of Washington” and has said his views are “out of the mainstream”, at least my view,  of conservative Republican thought.”


McCain and Romney may be eager for us to erase their past rivalry from our memories. And this election debate winds down, more political stitch surely will be ready to pop out like a windup “Jack In The Box”. Till then: My Motto: Stay clam, cool, collective knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!


McCain Touts Romney’s Plan For Indefinate Troop Presence In Iraq, Afganistan.


(By: Jaye Irons)

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