Micheal Mann’s Sloppy Investigation, And Thus Never Exonerated…

English: Michael Mann at a "master-class&...

English: Michael Mann at a “master-class” at the French Cinematheque Français : Michael Mann à la Cinémathèque française le 4 juillet 2009, pour une « master-class » après la projection de Heat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guest post by Christopher Horner Michael Mann has made what will, I expect, prove to be his greatest misjudgment yet. He has filed suit against the Competitive Enterprise Institute (with which I am affiliated), a CEI adjunct, National Review Online and Mark Steyn for libel. The gist of his claim that negative characterizations of him […]

Nick, Just because you don’t take the time to research the facts does not mean that you get to make them up: “PSU did not ‘exonerate’ Sandusky, officially or unofficially. Some PSU officials took negligently minimal action on hearing of allegations,but did not exonerate him because they had no power to.

So where is the parallel with Mann? Again,Mann took part in an officially constituted PSU inquiry,with process and public findings. So what is the parallel with Sandusky? It’s not difficult: there is none.” In fact, PSU was officially and formally notified that Sandusky was suspected of child molestation in 1998. PSU officially and formally carried out an investigation of Sandusky for child molestation in 1998. PSU officially and formally whitewashed the clear evidence of Sandusky’s guilt in 1998, and beyond.

 Graham Spanier became President of PSU in 1995, and was in charge of both the Sandusky and Mann investigations. “A grand jury said that Mr. Spanier, the university’s president since 1995, was made aware of a report of an incident involving Mr. Sandusky. Upon learning about a suspected 2002 assault by Mr. Sandusky on a young boy in the football building’s showers, Mr. Paterno redirected the graduate assistant who witnessed the incident to the athletic director, rather than notifying the police.

Mr. Paterno said the graduate assistant who reported the assault, Mike McQueary, said only that something disturbing had happened that was perhaps sexual in nature. Mr. McQueary testified that he saw Mr. Sandusky having anal sex with the boy. That’s the basics of the PSU cover-up of Sandusky’s crimes. The parallel to the PSU “investigation” of Mann’s alleged crimes is “striking”. Till then My Motto: Stay cool, clam, collective knowing that the only thing that keeps you form making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

Micheal Mann’s Sloppy Investigation, And Thus Never Exorinated…  

(By: Jaye Irons)


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