Carrie 2013?.. Telek Ability On The Loose Again!

Carrie 2013?.. Telek Ability On The Loose Again!

From what I remember when I saw this movie when I was a kid, “Carriewas a

Cover of "Carrie First Edition"

Cover of Carrie First Edition

tripped out movie. But it’s about Carrie White a shy girl, who doesn’t seem to take to others to well. One day at school, her classmates taunt her non-stop because Carrie experiences her first period. But one of the girls take pity on her and gets this boy Tommy Ross (Sue Snell‘s boyfriend in the movie), to take her to the senior prom.

Meanwhile this other girl who was not permitted to go to the prom, because of constantly teasing Carrie wants revenge against her badly. So this other girl plots a plan to totally humiliate Carrie, in front of the whole senior prom. But little does the bad girl know, she will unleash a hidden power in Carrie (Telekensis), that will run rampant and out of control in chaotic fashion.

Now there is some little more backdrop to Carrie’s story: Carrie White, a girl brought up, almost in complete isolation, by her insane religious mother Margaret White. After an embarrassing encounter in the showers (she is having her period in front of the other girls) causing them to repeatedly to tease her, so as a result Carrie’s teacher Mrs. Collins disciplines the other girls severely.

So one of the girls determined to get even, cooks up a plan to get her back. Now at the  prom Carrie shows up with Tommy Ross, and the two start dancing on the dance floor. Everything seems normal so far until…


The girl that was banned from the dance, was hiding under theplatform stage where the votes are gathered up to determine who will be crowned the King and Queen of the prom dance. Under the platform the girl had help from her boyfriend and the girl’s other friend to make a pulley rope tied to a bucket with pig’s blood in it placed high on top of a banister beam over the stage.

Sue Snell (Tommy Ross’s Girlfriend That Tries To Help Carrie) shows up and manages to see the bucket and rope on the platform stage that Carrie and Tommy are on. So the girl that sets Carrie up, also sets up the prom so Tommy and Carrie can win the prom putting them in position for the plan to take place.


And the other added problem here is that Sue was also blamed for teasing Carrie at school, and even though Sue sneaks in and tries to warns Mrs. Collins her teacher. Mrs. Collins, then takes Sue out toward the exit of the gymnasium doors telling her that she is banned and not permitted to be at the prom (You can’t hear her snapping off as she takes Sue pushes sue out to the exit, you can only here clapping by the other people at the prom) LOL… HUGE MISTAKE RIGHT THERE! 

By this time, the girl under the platform is licking her lips in anticipation as she tugs   (Chris The Girl That Hates Carrie) on the rope little by little. And as soon as Mrs. Collins closes the double doors on Sue, the girl then yanks fully on the bucket of blood and it over turns.


Collins then turns around after just having closed the doors to only see Carrie and Tommy get splashed violently, by pig’s blood all over (Mainly Carrie) Carrie’s dress soaking it red. Plus to make it even worse, the bucket falls down and knocks Tommy Ross out on the floor.

As this happens, a deafing sound of “There Are All Gonna Laugh At You”, Plus “I’m Sorry Cessie [Her Name Gets Repeated Wrong After The Shower Incident In The Principle’s Office], and her friend Mrs. Collins line “You Can Trust Me Carrie” , just plays on in this girl’s head as the RAGE starts to build like wildfire haha!

She then literally starts to kill anyone that happens to be in the prom room with a vengeance, using her mind powers to teach all the people a lesson never to be forgotten. And yea she got the girl and her boyfriend back as well, after they try to plow her down while in a car after Carrie leaves the prom in a killer trans state of mind.


Man I can’t wait for this release in 13′ I’m pretty sure that this movie will relive up to it’s name from the original release some 36 years ago. Till then My Motto: stay clam, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

Carrie 2013?.. Telek Ability On The Loose Again!

(By: Jaye Irons)

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