“Octomom”: Is She Still Doing The Porn Thing?..

The Nadya Suleman Family Website

The Nadya Suleman Family Website (Photo credit: mike912mueller)

Well where to start on this one. We know that Nadya Suleman, had got caught up in some serious (Dog Doo) when it came down to paying her mortage and she had a lot of kids to take care of ALOT LOT LOT, of kids to take care of… But she had fell on some real hard times and it just caught up with her and it was too much for her to bare any longer. With constant notices sent to her (Audit Papers, Creditors, etc etc …) She wound up filing for bankruptcy.

Thus she turns to the last life line that she has and last resort that some young ladies make their bank on (Making Money). She decided that she would try porn. So basically she offered a good deal for doing a pornography film titled: “Octomom: Home Alone” (And no it surely doesn’t star Macaulay Culkin this time around.

Two critics (Cenk Uygur & Ana Kasparian “The Young Turks”) reacted to the movie trailer and they decided to discuss Nadya Suleman. They started off saying that she was a million dollars in literal debt (Bills+Mortage= Debt squared (Times A football team in the making of kids to go alone with it) = A infinite repeating loop hypotenuse markup interest with a drop down reminder of a million and three dollar yen, plus 42 cents.

So in short she just broke, and the fact that she has only $50,000 in the bank is far from her seeing the forest from the trees. But Ana and Cenk where keying in on her silver lining in the cloud “Soft Porn Movie” that she had done a few months prior. They addressed the fact that Nadya was not even going to do porn as Cenk does point out, then he says it’s in some ways one the saddest scenes ever to see in his life “We’re going to show you the type”. They show a few trailer scenes of it, nadya did fine posing etc..

But I know in the back of the girl’s mind she has to hurting, having to swallow her words and all like that after denouncing that porn was not for her. But then Cenk said, “I have a long history in being a admirer of pornographic industry I got nothing against porn.” “But in this case, you know she didn’t want to do this and you know that she had no choice.”

And that her spirit was broken, so she had to go out there (He Motions With His Hands As To What She Had To Do In The Film’s Trailer Scenes) and do this and this and… “You know what she looks like in real life, it’s not that great and they put the makeup on her.” “Then they tell her to go do the whip action”, (He Puts His Hand To His Head Like He Has A Migraine) “And you’re just like, oh my god this is the saddest thing I ever watched in my entire life.”

(Ana Comments) “Usually when people watch pornography, they have a inkling that maybe some of the actors and actresses come form a bad background, they have issues.” “But that’s not the case with all of them I’m not trying to say that, but people have that inkling . “In this case you do know her story and you know she has 14 kids, and you do know that she filed for bankruptcy and she is in a tough spot.” “So it makes the porn just that much dirtier to watch, it was like watching that made me sick.”

“And I’m not one of those people that get sick from watching pronography, like watching her rub herself like that.” “It’s like a example of someone who being exploited. Now after the comments Cenk & Ana said, I couldn’t argee more. I myself think it is messed up that Nadya has to do this in order to keep afloat, trying to keep a roof over her and her kids head, and facing ridicule from the media (Cause you know their like vultures, they’ll circling in the air just waiting for road kill detail on a story scoop).

So it’s definately hard for her, and I really hate that she has to go through all of that. But maybe thing can turn around for her, I can say one thing… at least she hasn’t giving up on life.

Till then My Motto: Stay clam, cool ,collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

“Octomom” : Is She Still Doing The Porn Thing?..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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