Microsoft’s Surface Tablets (Alive&Kicking): Apple’s iPAD Better Run For Cover!

Microsoft‘s Surface Tablets (Alive&Kicking): Apple’s iPAD Better Run For Cover!

English: The Microsoft Logo

October 26,2012 was the release date for the “Surface Tablet” released by Microsoftand I have to say it does look pretty sharp LOL and razor thin (The Keyboard Part of it). So the tablet is capable of running Windows 8 RT version, and also Windows 8 Pro which is the non RTM version. Now some people are still a little in the dark of what the “Surface Tablet” is. So Surface is a like a re-branding, and Microsoft is calling their line of tablets “Surface” so all future Microsoft made Tablets or Microsoft brand tablets will be called “Surface”.

They are not  manufactured by Microsoft, but rather another company but the it does have the Microsoft branding on it so people will think it is made directly by Microsoft. And there is two versions of the tablet that was announced back in June of this year, thus one version is the “WindowsRT“, and the other is “Windows 8 Pro version. One uses a ARM hardware architecture, and the other uses the Intel Core I5 Processor architecture.  So here are some specs on these two: First the Windows RT is 676 grams in weight,  the Windows 8 Pro Surface Intel version is 903 grams in weight.

As for thinness (You Can’t Help But Notice, It Looks Sharper Then My Shaving Razor) the Windows RT is 9.3 millimeters, and the Windows 8 Pro is 13.5 millimeters. As for their picture display, they are both clear and they are 10.6 inches also size to match in screen view and a 16:9 aspect ratio which is great for HD video content. Microsoft is calling them both the clear type HD display, so either can provide HD capability for viewing pleasure. I think the Pro version is full HD which is 1080p HD, the RT version is 720p.

The battery life the surface version is the Windows RT is 31.5 watts and the Windows 8 Pro is 42 watts. And the comether are some differences between the two versions still, in terms of ports. So you have the Windows RT with USB 2.0 port micro HD and a 2×2 MIMO antenna, Windows 8 Pro you getting the Micro SDXS a USB 3.0 (a upgrade from the 2.0) Plus the Pro has a USB 3.0 mini display port video with the 2×2 MIMO antenna.

Now for productivity, the apps that you get for either also has differences as well in respects for the two. The Window RT includes the office home/student 2013 RT touch covered and a type cover, and the Window 8 Pro includes a touch cover and type cover with pen with a pumble block. They both will come with the back reaper MG as Microsoft calls it which is body shape (case & stand) which is all built into the hardware tablet design itself. And the configuration for the RT version is available in 32 or 64 GB, the Pro is available in 64 or 128 GB models. The price for the Surface w/Pro will run up to $499, and the windows RT w/ Surface will run up to $499 also.

And I will look into further details into these two monsters that will so far back the Apple’s iPAD down a lonely dark tunnel without it’s Mommy, that it might want to call out to… Till then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

Microsoft’s Surface Tablets (Alive&Kicking): Apple’s iPAD Better Run For Cover!


(By: Jaye Irons)


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