Patent A Invention? But How Much Does It Cost…

Example of early "Additional Improvement ...

Example of early “Additional Improvement Patent” from 1838 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patenting A Invention May Come To Be Expensive As H**L

Now days you might have ideals or even blueprints in the back of your mind, that you might have and wanted to find a way to protect your ideal and not to have it stolen by someone else.
If that’s the case, then you would have to seek getting a patent for that nifty invention that you believe, will fly off the shelf making a beneficial contribution to you (Moneywise haha) and the public at large in terms of a new product. But how much does a patent for an invention run for? I know it is expense to say the least, and such places like law firms is a way to go to look into getting a patent.
Well first, you can’t file a patent right off, you have to get a patent application and they come in two types. The first is provisional application, which stays on file at the Government for 12 months give or take a month(11 months varies). The other is a Utility Patent Application which goes to the examiner for examination in ultimate issuance. So you’re looking at two sides for a patent application, and two prices(Ya Every Dam Thing Takes Cash, Cash, Cash $$$).
A Provisional App will run you from anywhere at $5,000-$9,000 and the Utility Patent App will run about $8,000-$15,000 (So can you say down payment on a Chevy Volt LOL, I mean the one with the leather custom seats and some extras). But wait, that’s not the total cost what I just said about paying for those applications is just to get on file[Documentation]. So the process continues, the patent is filed for then the examiner will look at it and it will be REJECTED LOL. So then you have to file a written response, which will also cost you and that is left up to the Government to say how much that will be. It could be from $2,000-$5,000 Dineros (Dollars).
Now you can go to Washington and talk to the character that is making it hell for you, as you try to make your patent established (Which You Should Consider Doing!) And also that will give you the chance to actually explain to the examiner, about how your ideal/patent works and the nature of it in full detail. Oh yea when you do go, it will cost you another few thousand dollars, but the upside is if you do go talk to the examiner you might come out with a better chance of getting that patent approved! 🙂 But the only other cost might be the “Notice Of Allowance”, fee costs, and the final issuance of the patent (Meaning That The Examiner Won’t REJECT YOU Anymore YAY!!)
And you can scratch out the Lawyer fees that comes with him rejecting your patent ideal. So on a overlook, how much does a patent costs from the starting process to the finish… A LOT OF MONEY! 😦 But if you do it this way, and start with a provisional patent first, and then you change it to a Utility Case, and you go and you interview the case in Washington, and you plan a budget of $30,000 dollars (Or You Just Bought A Impala SS With A Fat Shiny Spoiler On The Back Of The Trunk…)
But if you manage to do everything by paper on the other hand, starting off with a small Utility Case and you don’t have to travel to go see the examiner. That might run you $20,000. But either way YOU WILL BE PAYING SOMETHING OUT OF THOSE DEEP LENTED POCKETS HAHA!!
Till Then My Motto: Stay clam, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

Patent A Invention? But How Much Does It Cost…

(By Jaye Irons)

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