Pope Benedict XVI’s Bulter Is In Deep Hot Water…

English: Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter's Squa...

English: Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter’s Square, Rome (2007). Polski: Papież Benedykt XVI podczas Audiencji Generalnej na Placu św. Piotra w Rzymie (2007). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pope Benedict XVI’s Butler goes on trial!

Pope Benedict leader of 2 billion Catholics, and now leader of a church is constantly tainted by scandal after scandal. This time the dark shadow falls on Paolo Gabrielle, the Pope’s butler is accused of a serious inexcusable crime.
Gabrielle was always to watch out for the Pope, always attending to the Pope’s beak and call. And with full access to the private Papal Apartment, and it’s from the rooms of the Papal Apartment that Gabriele is in hot water because he had been stealing confidential letters to and from Pope Benedict.
They were letters that was published in Benedict’s book that came out earlier this year, the book had detailed allegations of serious corruption written in it that could have came straight out of the episode of the borders or a down brown blockbuster.
These are claims of contacts being awarded to private individuals and companies, or power struggles between senior cardinals and within the Vatican Bank. A search at the Butler’s apartment was done by authorities, amongst the documents that was found there was a check. This 100,000 year old check made out to the Pope, and gifts like a gold nugget and a 500 year old book that was taken by Gabriele.
Gabriele spent two months in custody, and during continuous questioning was asked of him why he did all of this in the first place. He told investigators, that he did it to protect the church. He confessed to stealing the letters handing them to the book’s author (Gianluigi Nuzzi), in secret meetings in areas like drinking pubs not to far from the Vatican.
And statements that was taken from Gabriele he explains he actions. He said statements like “Seeing evil and corruption everywhere in the Church, I was sure that a shock, perhaps by using the media, could be a healthy thing to bring the Church back on the right track”. “I thought this role… was that of the Holy Spirit, which I felt had infiltrated me in some way”.
Gabriele’s trial will take place in the Vatican courtroom. Sitting behind closed doors, and witnessed by just only eight journalists even though many more ask to attend the trial. And to accompany Gabriele is his friend a computer expert (Claudio Sciarpelletti), also will be called into the trial for helping Gabriele to harbor the secret documents.
Gabriele could get four years in prison for aggriavted theft. But with a high profile Bishop’s conference taking place next month, the Vatican is more than likely looking to wrap up this latest scandal  and sweep it cleanly under a high elegant carpeted rug.
Man LOL and i would hate to be him as a butler in prison, what type of serving that might be done to him in there only God knows. Till then My Motto: Stay clam, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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