D.L. Hughley’s New Book: “I Want You To Shut The F#ck Up”!!

D. L. Hughley, an American actor and stand-up ...

D. L. Hughley, an American actor and stand-up comedian. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

D. L. Hughley, and Robert De Niro.
D. L. Hughley, and Robert De Niro. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Press photo of Secretary of Health and Human S...

Press photo of Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

D.L. Hughley’s Viewpoints Pointed Out In His Bomblaster Book:

Hughley appeared on the view show to promote his book and he has been causing some serious tidalwaves with his book. And he got alot of people steaming red hot… (Strike When the Iron is Hot!!). So D.L. Hughley shared his inner thoughts about his new book to the public and comments over the air waves:

Interviewer: “So D.L. what’s the name of your new book?

D.L. Hughley: “I Want You To Shut The F@#k Up!”. These are the people that when somebody goes, like the people that run this country um.. and i’m talking about the on the right or left. Have such ludicrous ideals, and that we listen to them. And um.. It’s why we’re in the shape we are in right now.

Interviewer: “Because we are letting Wackos! Run the country?”

D.L. Hughley: “Man what um.. Todd Atkins said something when um.. he was running for the Senate. And he believed that if a woman was raped, that her body could shut it down. Now I admit that when I was growing up that I believed, that a woman couldn’t get pregnant 3 days before her period. But um.. 3 kids later, I’m starting to question the wisdom of that.


But of course I don’t sit on the science committee, and so I think there are all these people like just like yesterday. Tommy Thompson‘s son said we can just send President Obama back to Chicago or Kenya. That they believe that America was doing great, before this black man got into office. And lets face it, if America wasn’t just as f@cked up as it was before a black man would have never got into the office.”

Interviewer: “Exactly.”

D.L. Hughley: “Do you know how bad America had to be, for a N@@@@r to be the option?”

Interviewer: “So you going to challenge how today for trying to restore some sense to this country?”

D.L. Hughley: “Right I’m like wow! Jesus Christ… Right man.. God even God is gonna shut this bitch up… Crazy Hoar.

Interviewer: “Welcome back man, good to see ya”. (Interview Ends)

And after the interview, Hughley went on the Howard Stern show stage to talk to who other but Stern himself about the book. He was cracking jokes with Howard and they got some kicks and high fun laughs.

But me personally what i think, I think America does need to open it’s eyes up to hidden bullsh!t that does go on everyday in this “Land Of the Free”. Not just for minorities, it goes for us all. You see if this country continues like it has for really not even 15 years as of yet, what will happen to us eventually?.. What more tax hikes on, gas, mortgage tax, soda, food, water, buying cars, clothes, school for kids, people wanting to kill others to get what they want, or better yet if we went through another war…


I don’t know what to say but this, I can only leave that answer up to the big man upstairs on how he fells what might happen if we continue down this out of control path that leads to destruction… 

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