Cleaning Fairy Breaks Her A@s Into A Home And Cleans It?… WTFrick!

Cleaning Fairy Was Even So Bold Enough To Shine Polish The Tooth Fairy’s Shiny Quarter, While She Was At It!

"Puts Clean"

“Puts Clean” (Photo credit: hugovk)

Ok Susan Warren right, decided like a dumb a@s, to go break into someone’s house and get this. The chick did it to clean someone’s home for money… (I look at the wall holding back a ROTFI5,000squared). 

What the he!! was she thinking or did she just smoke too much duff a few nights straight in a row ok. Even Cheech and Chong Couldn’t get high enough to flick on the Shopvac switch on that one LOL.

Ok she broke into the home of a Sherry Bush while she was out of the house, but her daughter was upstairs sleeping.

And while her daughter was knocked out in Elm Street Central, this “Cleaning Fairy” had took it upon herself to, wash the dishes, took out the garbage, vacuumed the floors (Cheech & Chong just probably sat back smoking a fat blunt while she proceed well along with the house duty deeds of clean) ,and cleaned a playroom in the house as well.

Now when she finished all of the chores right, she grabbed some paper and a Bic Ink bald point and wrote out a amount ($75) of what she would charge for this service deed of the day, (plus her name and address for the added touch) from “Break-In Cleanserve” we leave not mess behind Sue Warren temp services minus the “Cheech & Chong Brothers” copyright 2012 .

Now when she get a call from the Bushes about the cleaning fiasco, they told Susan Warren that she mistakenly cleaned their house. Susan then told them, “No I do this all the time. So Sherry Bush said to her “What do you mean?”. Susan told her, “No I just came over to clean your house and I WANT MY MONEY!”.

(LOL WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GIRL SMOKING, CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT PRESCRIPTION OF ADVIL WOULD MAKE YOU TUNE OUT OF THE OUTER LIMITS LIKE THAT!!). So as a result of the violating the Bushes’ home, she got charge for attempted burglary and trespassing.

And it’s not the only time she did this, because a few months back she did it again to another house LOL, [Girl Smoking Something I’m telling You 🙂 ] and the more bizarre part to this story is that Susan ACTUALLY RUNS A CLEANING BUSINESS online.

But aside of all this, she is being question by the Westlake Police on what the H double hockey wood sticks she was doing in the house while Sherry Bush was out of her house. The police can’t even come up with a suitable way to charge the chick LOL, Karma is not a bitch in this situation, it’s a silly bastard with a clean brush in hand haha…

Till then My Motto: Stay clam, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference (Susan certainly made one today) is yourself strive for the best!

Cleaning Fairy Breaks Her A@s Into A Home And Cleans It?… WTFrick!

(By: Jaye Irons)

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