Halo 4 Hits Game Store Shelves In Blaster Fashion!!…

Sergeant Avery Johnson, Master Chief and Miran...

Sergeant Avery Johnson, Master Chief and Miranda Keyes (left to right), as they appear in Halo 3. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Halo 4 Master Chief Blasts His Way Onto The Shelves!!

So finally it came out, The most anticipated game that usually takes home all the gold form the olympic game battle… Halo 4. Now i’m not a Halo Fan but, I have played past halo sequels (Part 1 & some of 2), but from what I hear about the game so far is good, good, GOOD stuff.
It’s been five years for the Halo ongoing franchise, and the hero Master Chief has been just racking up the kill to go along with the time passed. Now you know that the other runner up to Halo is of course Call Of Duty (Even Though I’m A RE6 Fan Myself Haha) , on the Xbox has blown even Big Bill Gates out of his double recliner Microsoft Series Surface 8 Chair…
And Bungie, is not responsible this time for Halo’s series onslaught in the making No NO. This time 343 industries, is picking up the pieces and 5 year lit torch to carry on the Halo rolling wagon. But most of you might know that it has switched studios for the game production of Halo 4. So what you dying to know, (Unless You Have The Game You Should Know LOL) what changes are present in Halo 4?…
Now let’s be honest, just who in the H**L is 343 industries anyhow? They never did anything like publishing game, especially something like Halo 4, which is a HUGE SET OF BIG FAT MOON SHOE BOOTS TO FILL 😦 . So did they ruin it, jack it up, mess it up like the makers of Hunters Wayward bad? LOL.
But hear it is, the question that just beats in your head left and right. What if Halo 4, is the best yet so far? I mean think of it this way, Halo 4 deals with some elements like dead space to a certain degree but retains its on atmosphere like game style enriched with blaster guns, alien technology, badass aircrafts, insane strategic manuevers, and an even more added surprise to the story itself that is told.
And it’s not Master Chief’s story that is the focus, but rather Cortona’s backstory (Whoa, I Bet Ya That Blew Some Shoes Off About A Million Feet). She is a A.I. (Artifical Intelligent) Construct that has evolved to a higher point in her programming, where she actually is thinking herself into chaotic proportions.
This is where the Chief comes in, to help her out by working with Cortona by keeping her safe, and she also must work with Master Chief for their basic survival. So the story picks up as soon as Master Chief is thawed out for cryo-sleep (Frozen Hibernation), after Cortona starts to freaks out badly and loses all her micro memory chips LOL sort of speak.
So Cortona is the one that causes a lot of problems for you in Halo 4 that Master Chief must bring the digital girl back down to ground zero earth (Mentally), sorting out her messes that she leaves behind for him haha. But people are going really nuts over the game, (Click Here For Game View) but you be the overall game critic on this one i’m going to eat some BBQ chicken haha! 
Till then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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