Stanley Kubiak’s Real Meaning Behind The Monolith: 2001 A Space Odessey…

The Monolith A Secret Wrapped Into A Puzzle Of Truth…

Arthur C. Wright: Creator Of A Space Odessey.

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Was a story of wonder and mystery you see, this ancient movie LOL is a highly recomended classic that is just so question mark confusing.

But you have to see the 3rd part to the movie to really understand it’s chilling but adventure like puzzle of mysterious that lay a frontal path of what if’s, like Commander Bowman ultimately found out after his encounter with a killer computer HAL-9000.

But the long black strange rectangular shaped radio signal transmitting monolith is the real key to it all so let’s roll over this space odyssey with a fine tooth and comb.

The Monolith And The Beginning Of Evolution Of Life

Stanley Kubrick And Arthur C. Clarke combined their vision to reveal to the world 2001 A Space Odyssey, and it would be a focal point in space travel and discovery that no man could ever foresee.

The driving force behind the foresee part LOL was a object of intelligence, and infinite mystery almost horrific but same time intriguing. So here we go with the Monolith…

Now for years I could not figure out exactly what it was about 2001 when I first saw it, (Which was years ago LOL) I was 10 when I saw this movie and the first 2 parts are rather boring but they do reference a message to the viewer, and the crazy apes for the beginning of the movie and how an really tall rectangular shaped object standing in front of them and seemingly feeding them knowledge of sorts like survival and an willingness to dominate amongst themselves (Or King Of The Ring Type Situation).

 Kubrick that directed the film took a strange approach to the style he draped over the movie, a two word lay out design to make it by: One of which is called Semiotics and the other Steganography

This means simply he was using hidden messages in a unrelated context type style of writing and vision to the movie itself. Kubrick was a master of this skill, and he often likes to use encoding to trick the viewer, into believing multiple thoughts which can throw you off into la la land quick.

So again back to the Monolith… Everytime this rectangular block appears, it seems to bring a few things with it’s presence. A hypnotic gaze the viewer sees in it as it stands in front of them like one in total awe and heavy focus, the chilling but informative music that plays in the background, and the purpose it brings allowing one to see things in a different light. The Apes learned at the beginning of the film to survive and gain knowledge.

The next time the Monolith presence is witnessed is an encounter that takes place on the moon where the structure is stationed in a gigantic crater thousands of years later, when the a group of astronauts are studying it and try to take a picture with it off from a side background angle. As they do they hear it speak to them in the form of a high-pitched ear-piercing sound, that drops some of the astronauts down to their knees in fearful agony.

And of course the best of the encounters LOL, is when Commander Bowman of the Discovery Vessel on a 3 year mission to Jupiter and his crew is killed off by a state of the art Super Computer (HAL 9000) which he defeats. Then turns his focus to the mysterious Monolith, that is caught in a orbit between Io (Jupiter’s moon) and Jupiter itself which leads Bowman into the Infinite or “Stargate Travel” all by himself.

So you should watch in a three-part explanation to the theories and mind blogging epic Science Fiction movie, that Arthur C. Clarke wrote then in turn Stanley Kubrick directed by clicking the 3 links down below. Enjoy and form your opinion on 2001 A Space Odyssey for yourself…

Narrator: Robag88 Three Part, Meaning Of The Monolith 2001 Space Odessey…

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“This Post I Dedicate To My Pops, He Passed On Last Year. I Wished I Could Have Had The Chance To Finally Tell Him The True Meaning Of The Monolith In “2001”. We Watched The Movie A Few Times But Could Never Understand It Until I Saw This Video On It.

One thought on “Stanley Kubiak’s Real Meaning Behind The Monolith: 2001 A Space Odessey…

  1. I read Leonard Wheat’s 2000 book,Kubrick’s 2001;a triple Allegory,showing how events and characters come from Homer’s Odyssey(HAL==Cyclops,TMA-1=Trojan horse,etc)and Nietzsche’s Thus spoke Zarathustra(HAL=God,beyond the infinite=after God)very interesting read.

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