Captain America: Which Was The Better Of The Three I Saw…

Captain America #350 (Feb. 1989). Rogers as &q...

Captain America #350 (Feb. 1989). Rogers as “the Captain” vs. John Walker as Captain America. Cover art by Kieron Dwyer and Al Milgrom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Captain America Movies Which Was Better?

See most people (Youngings) don’t know all the Captain America Movies that were made from back in the day, up till now. So I wanted to do a little comparison of the Captain America Torch, LOL that has been passed along from years back until 2012.

Alright So First Up Is The 70’s Captain America Movie

So the first one I saw was with Reb Brown, who played the Legendary Cap, back then. LOL now the music back then was corny but Brown did ok job at filling the script of Captain America. In it His father was Captain America was an Agent for the Government in the 40’s, and was murdered.

As a result, his son Steve Rogers was to be next in line to be offered a chance to work for the Government and take over his father’s persona as Captain America. But Steve refuses, and wants to live a life of solitude (Sounds Familiar?.. LOL).

But is soon targeted and an near life/death experience changes his mind to receive the Flag Serum (Full Latent Ability Gain) and he becomes Captain America like his Pop. Now Reb did some crazy stuff as the Captain, and wasn’t afraid to display his special abilities IF PUSHED TOO FAR. And he was identified with that of a surfer type because the guy like to surf, and he travels over America so he a drifter as well. But he was drafted into the Government Sanctions as an agent after he gains he powers.

Captain America The 90’s Movie Version

And that brings us to the 90’s Captain America LOL, which I thought was a Comedy type Captain. The Movie is hard to take seriously and it was A big fat let down, and really I don’t see the point of this particular Captain America movie because it has a lot of missing elements to it and it was a embarrassment to the Captain. And Marvel should have been taken to the back behind the barn and shot down the directors on sight, because the Movie was just plain GARBAGE. Matt Salinger sadly stars as Captain America and if I was him I would still after 22 years of the film being made, would be holding my head down further then a earthworm that digs it way to china through the dirt below. JUST EMBARRASSING. 😦  

Captain America: First Avenger 2011

Is still somewhat of a embarrassment and joke because, it still misses key elements of the Captain America Played By Chris Evans story (Come On We All Know Hollywood Just Slaps Crap Together For These Superhero Movies [Batman Not Included Well Except For The One With Freeze In It] And Roll It Out On A Crapsack Barrel Of Garbage On Wheels Cause They Just Want To Get Your Money And Then Go To Vegas Laughing At You) I think really they should have considered Mr. Rogers as director for this one…

If it wasn’t bad enough that Steve Rogers looks like a 10-year-old that is so weak, that he should holding a toothpick, instead of an Assault Rifle. But it does have an upstanding side to it as Steve Rogers has the drive and fortitude, to want to become Captain America. Hugo Weaving did add some structure to the movie as he was playing the role of Red Skull. But tell me, what the H**L was up with all of the Dance Shows in the movie making a mockery of ol’ Cap? Reading scripts from his shield?.. When he should be out there kicking A**.

Getting tomatoes thrown at him by prisoners LOL, and you see him dart off the stage… But he did eventually break out of that persona that was laid upon him like a cheap polyester suit. But they did give some credit to the Captain in the Avengers Movie, so guess he did a comeback on that one haha. But hey, its Captain America and that should be good enough in the name itself right?.. Oh yea, I like the 70s & 2011 Cap films.

Till then. My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is your self strive for the best!

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