Lindsay Lohan Got Herself Back In Trouble Again… It’s A Dam Shame!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan (Photo credit: headexplodie)

Lindsay F***s Up Yet Again, Why Girl Why!

Over (Lindsay Lohan song)

Just don’t understand how a celebrity that has so much money, things going their way only to throw it all out the dam window with the sink attachments, and last week garbage detail pickup for the “Friendly Neighborhood Garbage Man” to scoop up the left overs. Well Lindsay Lohan is just not really getting it LOL. She is still doing Paris Hilton type things that she should know by now, will get you locked the F*** up fast.

But don’t worry about her I’m sure it will be arranged for the eating benefits and sleeping quarters (See even In Jail Celebs Get A Pat On The Wrist And Usually Go Home Early, Well Not Before Getting A Subway Sandwich Mostly Lettuce Without Bacon). So after this girl goes and wrecks her Porsche, after hitting a big rid in the rear with it (Yea that’s the right thing to do…), then when the Santa Monica Police show up she turns tail coat and says that her assistant was driving the vehicle. Did she just lie on that one or what?… For Shame Lindsay. Because her assistant backed out and said that it wasn’t me and the Truck gladly said it wasn’t the assistant’s fault… So you see that leaves only.. Right, Right LOL (Process Of Elimination Gotta Love it). 


Plus She now has to deal with even further time added to her jail time if she has seriously violated her parole for false statements she gave and that depends on the mood of the judge, and then what will the Truck Driver‘s lawyer say that can really put the smack-down on Lindsay. Lindsay did try to bribe the Truck Driver though, LOL it didn’t work… So overall it doesn’t look to good for Linds either way you slice and dice the Subway sandwich. But this is what is a dam shame, you got people out here in the world just wishing, JUST WISHING, to be a celebrity and have that chance to have mega money and opportunity laid out at your feet.

And it’s just as equally hard to understand why in H***, do this famous people just seem to drop the ball constantly (Not The 8 Ball, But The 16.5 Pound Bowling Ball type Ball Dropper You See) It just a dam shame, but oh well sometimes people just have to learn the “Good Old Fashioned” HARDWAY. Three Cheers to Lindsay It’s Over [Refer To The Picture Of Her Album Cover On That Over Part 🙂 …

Till Then My MottoStay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing in life that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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