Bookkeeper Embezzled Over $50 Million, Faces Jail Time..

Uncle Sam BW

Uncle Sam BW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bookkeeper Did It Dam It All!

Is what the prosecutors implicated, as to Rita Crundwell former Comptroller of Dixon,Illinois. She attend her court hearing in a federal courthouse to admit to stealing up to $53 million of estimated revenue from the city of Dixon to enjoy a over-lavished life style, that was aligned with a horse breeding venue.

Today in an Rockford court, she attested to a charge of wire fraud and was found guilty. She however will remain free, until her hearing on Feb. 14 for sentencing.

Crundwell had been just basically taking money from the city public finances, and then placing the stolen currency into her “Secret Bank Account” all the while being entrusted to monitor the city’s overall finances.

In her court hearing today, the judge asked Crundwell series of questions. They just yes (or) no types, and outside of the courtroom when she was questioned by reporters she remained quiet to them.

  Attorney Paul Gazianno said, “She saved us a lot of valuable time, working with the Government to accomplish the sale of her assets, the horses she owned, hoping to recoup the huge lost to the city of Dixon. And I think the city of Dixon ought to know that”.

Pic-03102013-006 And other then that, Crundwell also will be working with the U.S. Marshalls to sell off millions of vaulable assets, that is still in her name. Included in this is $450,000 in diamonds, a house in Florida that sits on ranch land there, and other jewelry.

And they wasted no time having already selling off other assets like other property she had and horses, which has so far amassed up to $7.4 million (Dam can you say ouch Uncle Sam That Burns A lot There!) 

Gary Sharpiro said its, “One of the most significant abuses of public trust ever seen in Illinois.” Shapiro said he hoped it would serve as a warning for other public officials. Mayor James Burke said, “He is happy that she fessed up to her crime and does not feel sorry for her one bit”. So overall Crundwell could be facing up to at least 20 years for the wire fraud charge.

And she better hope that the other 60 SEPARATE charges won’t be brought up against her, because well… Do the math on the number there 20 yrs+____ yea not good for her at all. I mean hell, even uncle sam is pointing a big fat finger at her right? And We all know he don’t lie… HAHAHA!

Till Then My Motto: Stay, calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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