God Of War 4: Kratos Has A Brother Named Beast??

Kratos (God of War)

Kratos (God of War) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Gatt as the motion capture actor for ...

English: Gatt as the motion capture actor for ‘KRATOS’ from God Of War II & III on the mocap stage for SCEA in San Diego. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kratos Is Back Someway Somehow For #4

 Kratos once again will return it seems like for the epic awaiting, “God Of War 4“. This was noted, at an E3 rally they were teasing showing of course some trailers of it. But the one thing that is for sure, and I would do it to if I was them. Sony is going to be branding its name game onto the PS3 console (Sorry Xbox 360 BUT HANDS OFF ON THIS PS3 EXCLUSIVE HAHA!). So far not to many people really knows if God Of War 4 is even out yet or not.

But they say Sept. 2012 is the target date. Umm… Strange indeed. Something on that magnitude of a game like that, should be overly publicized big time LOL. And it will be very interseting to see just how Kratos comes back if there is a 4th part to the series of not.

He did kill himself after all, when Athena (Goddess Of Wisdom) tries to reclaim some special gift that Kratos had within himslef and yet he denied her, after all she did for him making him a god of war in place of Ares. But you know how Kratos is LOL, he don’t give a crap about the Gods of Olympus or really even his own well being for that matter. He just takes whatever it is that he feels can serve him to completing his objectives.

Now I saw a vid at a blog site (Called “The Feed” Click Here For GOW4 Details) and it did look good, so one can only just imagine how the gameplay is going to be like. And on another note about God Of War 4, sony did have ideals of bring it out in some shape or form. And this time it might not even focus on the what could be left of Olympus, but rather Kratos going mobile to other lands LOL and probably start some crap with other gods in there home lands. (You Would Think That He Would Just Sit His A*S Down For A New york Minute, but no he just keeps on going and going…)  

Oh yea, I saw something else about him having a brother in this one?… I really can’t say if that is confirmed or not but if it is true dude’s name is suppose to be Beast? That’s all I can really say on that one, so only time will tell because you know it will be surely more videos and trailers on it so keep your head up to see if any do pop up. I just know that it if is coming out whenever, I will be there to snatch up my copy.

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you form making a difference is yourself strive for the best!


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