Angelina Pivarnick From “Jersey Shore Cast” Gets Left Behind BY MTV…


MTV (Photo credit: Gnal)

Angelina Pivarnick Gets The Canned Treatment By MTV!

Jersey Shore (TV series)

Jersey Shore (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently Angelina Pivarnick, did something to piss off MTV. She one of the stars on the “Jersey Shore” cast, and is taking some buzz off type attitude from MTV. So MTV was putting together an ideal of the towns and communities that suffered at the hands of Hurricane Sandy, and show ideal called “Restore The Shore”. And MTV referring to Pivarnick as a total disgrace, IS NOT INVITED except her co-stars of Jersey Shore are to attend the event by MTV. What makes this really messed up for her is that, her friends and neighbors was devastated by the storm’s fury and the damage it had left behind when it was all over.

She even tried to volunteer to help store owners and the red cross, because she said “I believe it is for a great cause, but I’m still not invited to participate in the event. Even her own management and organize team did not respond to her, as in her attempts to contact them about attending the function. Pivarnick feels that all of this is a reminder to her of how she was treated in her past. And says that this really does hurt her on the inside not being able to help out her friends, she feels it is just a big injustice.

But here is the thing that got Pivarnick into this whole mess in the first place, she made some harsh statements about gay marriage, but then she pulls a reverse right and says approves gay marriage. And even on the three string she said, “I don’t think gay couples should should marry, but dating is ok. Then on an episode of Jersey Shore, she turns and kisses a girl, after she said before that she opposes it…?


And that got her blasted out the cannon by  Jersey Shore Co-star Adam Berta, and he lit into Pivarnick like a brightly lit Christmas Tree with an sparky lightbulb that catches the tree on fire and Old Saint Nick backpedals back up the chimney in a fast hurry saying… Rudolph the extinguisher if you please NOW!! But she says that she plans to get involved, and work with a pro-marriage equality organization called the “Imperial Court of NY” in an sponsored fundraiser for November. Really though the girl just needs to stop putting her foot in her mouth, saying things that we get you in trouble double time.

Till Then My MottoStay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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