California Medical Marijuana Vending Machine…LOL..WHATTTT!

Lingerie vending machine

Lingerie vending machine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

California Vending Pot Machines: Cheech & Chong Are In Heaven!

(ROTF*****GLOL,FOREVER) To start this one off. Ok this, this is just… LOL. On the outside right it might look like a innocent vending machine, not to different from the basic ones of yesterday (But older then the  Coca-Cola Vending Machines Models post i did a long while back). No, its actually what you might find inside the vender that might be referred to as pot heaven to people who like it get their heads high up in the clouds.

Yup people pot venders will be the next step, to join along side the Coke machines (LOL Psych! Coca-Cola Venders). And they have different flavors, you have wild cherry, or how bout that indica flavor, for that extra pain numbing taste haha. So now patients that need to get a prescription, can now do so through the access (via) of a vending machine.

Not only that these vending machines are pretty tripped out, because they can also contain stuff like Viagra, Anti-Depressants, And even pain medicines. But first the patient must come to the dispensary first and then show their prescriptions, then pick out the pot of their choice. The best selling type of pot is Indica which is for heavy pain relief.

But patients also must have a fingerprint that must be copied through a machine and i’m guessing that might be printed onto an access card not sure but they will need the card. They can then use the access card to get into the facility, to get their prescriptions and while in the store will be accompanied by security guards. And yea, a camera will also be monitoring them as they are at the machine. Now the upside to this whole thing is that it has advantages for the user:

  • The person can buy the pot out of the machine, which is deemed safer then going to the street to get it.
  • A cheaper purchase of it.
  • And more convenient to the smoker overall (Less Hassle)

so basically it will come down to this, I’m pretty dam sure that this is just love to Californians that light up and ‘smoke everyday’ LOL dam. All I can say is, only in America… I Think? 😮

Till Then My Motto: Stay cool, calm, collective, knowing that what keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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