Ben & Jerry’s, H&M: Shop Opens In Times Square…

English: Ben Greenfield and Jerry Cohen, found...

English: Ben Greenfield and Jerry Cohen, founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ben&Jerry’s Shop Opens In The Downtown Apple?

Yup you heard right, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shops have really come a long way. They been around for a long time, opening shops over different areas though out the U.S. But now they take a stab or rather a slice out of the N.Y. apple pie hold the pecans. And they are not the only ones, there are 12 other stores that will be opening in the big apple area (Times Square). Such others like H&M, Pret-A-Manager, are just a few others that is looking for the opportunity to expand their horizons in that area as well. Even an drag queens cabaret eatery called Lucky Cheng’s, is into the ideal 0f set up shop. So this is a basic good thing right there, you have things looking up in terms of more created jobs (Gotta Love Finding Work Right?). The area is constantly inhabited by either, stock brokers in the day, everyday people either just walking around , business persons, or college kids that randomly might go looking for something like a cappuccino, to stay up longer after already just pulling an all nighter. Gia Storms (A Ben & Jerry’s Spokeswoman) shared her take on the value of chain store marketing to take place in the big apple saying, “People always want to be here, thery’re always working here”. It’s some fine available space (Class A Type), out that way just begging to plucked. And for a marketer that’s looking for a good business start, with a low rent options:

  • More Traffic Coming Out To Their Change
  • More Sales
  • Better Turnover For Making Some Revenue

So on that note, this can defiantly be a turning pot for this stores and community, so look out this next spring to summer because some New Yorkins might find themselves pulling out that fat wallet to buy, buy, BUY!

Ben & Jerry’s Shop Opens In The Downtown Apple

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