Black Friday Doorbusters Angled At Deals…


Black Friday Sales Draws Consumers Left And Right



English: DC USA, Best Buy, Black Friday

English: DC USA, Best Buy, Black Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For now during this holiday season, people have been out and about doing the shop till you drop for good hands on deals. And they are like detectives in a murder case in most cases LOL, searching around closely looking for that perfect gift to give to a friend, a love one, etc… And the real behind the scenes type thing going on here is the retailers that are using different angle approaches, to lure in consumers hoping that they will buy,buy,buy, and that is of course they are offered a great deal. So now for the retailers, this is that crucial part of the year, when they bank on the most profit from to generate some big profits turnovers and try to clean up huge to complete their annual total take in. 20%-35% or higher is their projective (Ideal Net Asset Goal), 


Black Friday: Downside & Consumer Karma



consumers (Photo credit: the|G|™)

The downside to “Black Friday”, is fear to store retailers and their pocket books LOL,(VS) Consumers and their povket books is well Currency… You see from an economic standpoint, you have people who are REALLY on a tight A*S budget and they have lesser options to work on. Most retailers (If Smart) try to recognize that issue, and go a step further to reach out and work with their consumers. They do that by implicating what is called, “Aggressive Discounts” which is a designed angle they more in likely will take to cut down prices lets say (Depnding On The Product) by 25-30%, or maybe even 50.


But that would be if they have an huge overstock of a product, and they just want to push much of it out before the holiday season sales are done, and it could be that hot item by chance that people might be looking for. Then you have to look at this one to, “Black Fridays” are not the better deal days, not like “Cyber Mondays”. Because for one Black Fridays, tend to bring in A LOT MORE CONSUMERS into stores and it can be a headache for most people who just want to get what they came for and exit (via) the store haha. Now Cyber Mondays deals with an online type of sales angle, (AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT BETTER THEN TO GO TO THE STORE TO BUY SOMETHING?


YOU SURF THE NET TO BUY). And it cuts out the line pushing and cutting,customer cussing, hellfire and brimstone stares of rage, that usually accompany all of the rest with it. But Cyber Monday has a downside to it also, and that is you can’t see the product up close and personal to see if it is damaged or missing a piece to it. So that can bite you in the A*S there, and you will have to decide to return the product which can be a minor hassle and have to reorder it all over again. 


Black Friday Sales Draws Consumers Left And Right




Open bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol and Ext...

Open bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol and Extra Strength Tylenol PM, pain relievers with the active ingredient acetaminophen/paracetamol. Tylenol PM (the white-and-blue tablets) also contains diphenhydramine, a sleep aid. These drugs were made by McNeil-PPC, Inc. The expiration date for the Tylenol is April 2007; the expiration date for the Tylenol PM is April 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But hey, Tis The Season right? Who ever said life would be easy, even in the world of consumer and retailer land of the law, can have many reaching for that “Tylenol Extra Strength” in a fast hurry just to put a smile on face from the gift of receiving haha… 


Till Then My Motto: Stay calm,cool,collective,knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!



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