Babysitter In Naperville Snaps And Murders Kids.

Babysitter In Naperville Snaps And Murders Kids

JustPlackowski (left) his mother ElzbietPlackowsk(right). | Courtesy NBC5

Justin Plackowski (left) and his mother Elzbieta Plackowska (right). | Courtesy NBC5

Justin Plackowski probably thought his mom was very caring and loving, and he would do anything to protect his mom. Until Elzbieta Plackowska did the ultimate type of betrayal of trust, one could ever do to someone else. She Murdered her own son in cold-blooded murder. And she also murdered Justin’s friend Olivia Dworakowski, that she was babysitting at the time.

Babysitter Commits Murder

At one point Justin and Olivia was doing what normal playful kids do, they were jumping up and down on a bed laughing and having fun. Until Justin’s mom told them to get down off the bed, kneel and start praying.

She then proceeded to stab both her own son Justin and the little girl Olivia over dozens upon dozens of times, she had even slit their throats as they repeatedly pleaded for their lives to Elzbieta before she did the murderous act.

The Naperville Police arrived upon the scene and when they did, they were stifled to the unbelievable horror that they had ever  seen. Plackowska had told police that she thought the kids were possessed by the “Evils Of Society,” and that she had thought that it was the devil that she was fighting against. She also told police, that she was angry at her husband, because he was frequently working at a truck driver out on the road. She felt that he didn’t give her enough credit, as a devoted mother as well as a devoted wife. Investigators eventually found a bloody steak knife that was in a kitchen sink at the townhouse they were in, and another knife that was in her car.

Marta Dworakowski Olivia’s mother, had returned home from work and could not get her locked Naperville townhouse even though babysitter Plackowska was supposed to be there at that time watching her daughter. And the police then found the scene after Marta Dworakowski reported to them that she couldn’t get into her townhouse.

And the other twist to this story is that, Plackoska was acting very strange and erratic after the death of her father a few days before the murders took place. She also repeatedly argued to her husband about returning to Poland leaving the U.S. before the murders she had taken the kids to the St. Elizabeth Seton church in Naperville, and after she committed the murders she then came back to the church.

When Plackowska was found by the Police, she was still covered in blood from the slayings. Another resident Melinda Mattas that would walk her dogs with Marta Dwoarkowski said. “Everybody talks to everybody here, “. “Everybody with a dog is always out.” Marta Dworakowski, a nurse, and her daughter had just moved into the neighborhood only a few months prior, just before Olivia started school (Brookdale School) out in Naperville.

Plackowska’s son had attended Scott School. Up until this point Elzbieta Plackowska is order by a DuPage County judge to undergo a psychiatric exam which is sought by prosecutors who believe she may raise an insanity defense in her case. Judge Robert Kleeman also has agreed and approved the live typing of media cameras to be present in a Wheaton courtroom for her Nov. 21 arraignment, which will be the 1st time a criminal proceeding in Chicago area to be televised.

Babysitter In Naperville Snaps And Murders Kids.

(By Jaye Irons)

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