New Xbox 360 Problem: It Chews Up And Scratch Your CDs Why Is That?…

New Xbox 360 Dilemma

English: An Xbox 360 showing the Ring of Death.

English: An Xbox 360 showing the Ring of Death. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems like no matter what problems the Xbox 360 gets out of LOL, there a new one just waiting around the corner. Apparently the Xbox 360 first had the issue of the “Red Ring Of Death,” which is when you go to switch on the 360 console and you then see a Reddish Ring that appears around the power button on the system. If that appears on the system that Red Ring, then most likely the system will just shut down and not work. I had a Xbox 360 myself a few years back but mines was just the opposite of the situation, instead of the Red Ring, LOL i got the bright green ring of alternate death and yea it shut down my console.


I was pissed like anybody would be because lets face it, i spent over $300 something dollars to get my 360 and i had spent about a few hundred dollars to get games for it as well ($300 something to match on the games i think had 6 maybe 7). Then after the Red Ring controversy LOL, came the problem others were starting to have and that was the issues of the over heating of the console that was causing the circuit board inside the system to burn out and again you then have a downed system. The new problem is really a simple fix which I will get to, and tell you how to also fix in a moment after a (RROD) solution fix

 Xbox 360 Solution Fix

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 (Photo credit: emelgeek)

Some solutions that people went on to fix their 360 consoles. The reason for the Red Ring Of Death (RROD) issue, is that again the system overheats which causes it to burn out. One trick is to turn the system around (having the back of it face you) inside the cover is a solution called the “Thermal Compound,” and the object of the Thermal Compound is to get it hot. So well in order to get it hot, you more in likely will have to run the system until it does just that. But there is still yet another problem LOL, you still need to stop the dual fans in the back of the system to stop spinning.


So locate where the small fans are in the back of the 360, and push something slightly though the cover itself until you jam the fans from spinning (Awe yea, YOU HAVE TO LOVE APPLIED SCIENCE RIGHT!). Then proceed to turn the 360 console back on, and you shouldn’t hear a sound, if you do then you didn’t lodge whatever you was using correctly between the fans to keep them from spinning so try it again and repeat from that step.


After you do complete that part of the step and you have the system running, let it overheat [Keep In Mind This Is What A Solution Video That Was On Youtube Posted By: Effectron Films and you can see that video if you click on it here 🙂 ] and this might be from anywhere to 5 mins or 7 mins and you want to want until you see 2 of the (RRODs) to appear. After it is in MELTDOWN MODE haha, then simply remove your prongs that was blocking the fans in the back of the system which will cause the fans to blow rapidly at the heated area.


It might take a minute or so for the cooling process to take effect, but if the system is still flashing the two (RRODs) you then must unplug the power cord from the back of the system. Then plug it back in and the 360 console should work but it’s only a temporary fix, and of course if it overheats then repeat the process all together. And the new problem is very simple to fix and counter, NEVER, NEVER, EVER, NEVER, MOVE THE DAM CONSOLE LOL WHILE THE DISC IS SPINNING. Because it will scratch up your CD inside or even make a chewing sound (Oh Man That Sounds Like It’s Chewing It Like a Glass Porcelain Burger) if the console is bumped or moved, like the song in the T.V. Show Beretta LOL “Don’t Do It.” Hope the tips help out some downstruck gamers that might throw out that 360, but can still harvest the usage out of it if they try a few “MacGuyver” tips (LOL that dude could fix just about anything in that show).


New Xbox 360 Problem: It Chews Up And Scratch Your CDs Why Is That?…

(By Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto:Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you form making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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