Feds Watches Jesse Jackson Jr. Like A Hawk…

Feds Are All Anal Probe On Jesse Jackson Jr.

English: Sandi Jackson and Jesse Jackson

English: Sandi Jackson and Jesse Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesse Jackson Jr. just has to face it, as of late the Feds have been over of him in an investigation like the “New England Patriots,” scrambling for a loose ball interception off a badly thrown pass to a wide receiver. So far the Federal authorities, has looked over financial evidence pointing to Jackson Jr. involving activity in his campaign fund after he took a medical leave from Congress on June 10. And that is what really got the Feds going on this case in the first place, and subpoenas were issued in a investigation against him. Now it is basic that the investigation pending, that he should drop out of the race as requested from other candidates that are trying to unseat him from Congress. 

What Did Jesse Jackson Plan To Do With The Funds?

Apparently Jackson Jr. was using the campaign funds to refurbish his home, and also to divert them in other ways of obtaining things that he wanted, and Alderman Sandi Jackson (Jackson’s Wife) is also under investigation for taking in the role playfully with the campaign funds. Jackson Jr. could be facing some serious legal implications due to this situation all together. The real “Nitty Gritty” red flag went up, when there was pictures of the Jacksons’ home put up on the auctioning market ( Pictures  posted via Internet).


Flowed questions of how does one appoint a house like that, which goes on the market from $700k’s ($700,000) to millions plus millions. So it was very notable right there you see, which would cause LOL some eyes to be put on you in a hurry (And I Just Don’t Mean Interested Rich Home Owner Buyers In Dark Shades And Suits). And the pictures was pulled off the net quickly as do to security concerns, which then really put Jackson Jr. in a bad light. Then it falls to Congress itself to do their investigation of the congressmen and women, as their account are monetized by Congress watching over funds and revenues, expenses, of each representative. 

What Charges Could Jackson Jr. Be Facing?

The potential charges that Jackson Jr. might be facing could be:

  • Conspiracy
  • Mail Fraud
  • If While Speaking To Federal Investigators, And Lied To Them
  • Which Can Concur An 5 Year Penalty Each (Imprisonment)

Keep in mind this is what Senator Edwards did when he took campaign funds that were much larger then allowed by law, and the last straw that broke that camels back was the lying Edwards did when under his investigation. And even the same for former Governor Blagojevich that now faces a little over a dozen years in prison. And the investigation might end fast as it is a “Basic Paper Case,” meaning that they investigators will just subpoena documents and overlook them for a paper trail that will show them what they need to see as evidence that would go against Jackson Jr. Oh man I would not want to be in Jackson’s shoes right about now, BECAUSE IT JUST DOESN’T LOOK GOOD…

Feds Watches Over Jesse Jackson Jr. Like A Hawk…

(By Jaye Irons)

Happy T Day: From Just Spit It Out Already! People. 🙂

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