Hector Camacho Shot In Puerto Rico

Hector “Macho” Camacho Shot In Puerto Rico

  • Camacho’s Career Record Was (79-6-3)

He would utilize his time, buy going back and forth to Florida and Puerto Rico making show appearances on a program called “Es Macho Time!” Youtube. He had been living in a beach community Isla Verde, and sometimes posing for pictures with fans. He did have a few run-ins with dealings with drugs, alcohol, and other problems. In 07′ he was sentenced up to 7 years in prison for breaking into a computer store and was charged with burglary in Mississippi. And he was arrested back in 05′ for burglary charge, and the police had also found the ecstasy drug on Camacho.

Hector’s Fight Now

Camacho’s Mother: Maria Matias, had flew in to visit him from New York  to the “Centro Medico Trauma Center” he was at. She spent close to half an hour with her son. The hospital director Dr. Ernesto Torres  had already knew that Camacho’s prognosis was not improving and he knew that Camacho’s Mother could see that also.

Torres had said, “We can’t declare him brain dead.” “We’re going to ask the people of Puerto Rico to keep praying.” Torres also said that more test will be ran by doctors but the prognosis is still dire. The thing is Camacho’s brain is not receiving enough blood, and doctors did state that he was in critical but stable condition.  He condition did worsen also at a certain point to where his heart stopped at one point.

But as of now the decision is up to his Mother, weather or not to take him off life support. A long time friend and manager of Camacho, Ismael Leandry said to the Press Media. “We just have to wait to see if ‘Macho’ gets better. It’s a hard battle.”

Hector Camacho Shot In Puerto Rico

(By Jaye Irons)

P.S. Camacho Come On Man Just Fight Your Way Back!

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