Drawn Together… With Toot The Boop,Boop,Be,Doop…Weird Chick

Drawn Together Focus On The Toot

Drawn Together -
Drawn Together”  was a VERY off the wall show that aired on Comedy Central. It went on a 3 season run back in Oct. 04′ and ending in Nov. 07′ , with 36 episodes total. The show was very zany, and on the edge further then that of  animated adult shows like “Aqua Teen Force,” or better you say for laughing kicks how about “Perfect Hair,” (Click On Them, yea because they are links up above in the purple text).  So the ideal plot to the story was nothing more than all of these characters, trying to live under the same roof in a weird surreal like drama twisted way. And they would often undercut each other in a dark comical manner, and as a result this would often spark rather chaotic situations making funny bones jiggle in certain ways of folly and laughter of the viewers that tuned into to see it weekly then later daily. But gonna take a look at the characters behind the mayhem.

Drawn Together Characters Malfunctions

  1. Captain Hero was a post-traumatic stress disorders, could only fly if he tells jokes well, hygentically super clean freak in a freak way, could talk one to death LOL, douftful of himself, has a thing for Princess Clara and she didn’t dig him one bit even if he did bring a shovel, a superman want-to-be, and always somehow going into tantrums over little issues.
  2. Princess Clara who mirrors most of the Disney personalities Princesses like, “The Little Mermaid“, or the Princess from “Beauty & The Beast”. She has her own strange problems of wonder and her hidden uncanny dark little secret that she so desperately wants to keep well secret LOL…
  3. Wooldoor Jebidah Sockbat ROTFLH which just looks like a overly bright banana shape “Spongebob Square Pants Reject From A Formerly Ran Saturday Morning Relapse Show.” With his strange antics two cents he throws into the madness of the show.
  4.  Foxxy Love LOL this chick that is always wearing that fox eared hat of hers, and displays her attitude of affectionate compassion in a more then often tough love type way. (Note: The Girl Even Sports A Fox Tail, That I Wonder What Glue She Uses To Keep It From Falling Off).
  5. Ling-Lang haha, I Just never understood that little Pokemon rip off LOL. He is cool with you until you piss him off, then he would just go off on a rampage to get his way and revenge. And his language is just as offbeat , and the others there seems to never really understand his disposition and problems. (He also sports supernatural abilities that he will use to get his point of view across to whoever).
  6. Xander P. Wifflebottom is a reverse version of Link the knight from the animated show “Legend Of Zelda“. He is very, very, sensitive, homophobic, and looks somewhat like a Cloud Strife type from “Final Fantasy.” He even sports off a chest plate also like Strife wears.
  7. Spanky Ham a perverted pig that has a backwards sinister demeanor, and same time mixes his own ideal of twisted comical viewpoints from strange input of his own.
  8. Toot Braunstein LOL a “Basic Betty Boop” via 21 century, that is always trying to get with Captain Hero/Xander P. but is always getting rejected comically. She eats when depressed, and will cut and butcher herself just to get noticed by everybody else. And is just a nutcase for love and drama laughing with evil karmatic in comic proportions.
20090907 - art - poster - Drawn Together subwa...

20090907 – art – poster – Drawn Together subway poster – GEDC0018 (Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL))

The show itself was a reality base of  somewhat real life situations. And it did sometimes catch heat of its controversal nature. But it did harbor many viewers doing its running time on the cable airwaves. But the show took a different approach to it’s wall stuck comedy in all its glory. But I still think whoever, made up the concept to it was smoking something strong LOL, excluding Newport 1,000’s.

(Video Credit: RandomDTFan)


Drawn Together… With Toot The Boop,Boop,Be,Doop…Weird Chick

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keep you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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