A Frustrating Bought Lesson…

My Dark Days Of Hell

There was a time in my life that i thought I was just done for, and just wanted to hurry and get old and my life would be over. My name is Jaye Irons, and I am new at Empower Network (Company Is Great For Those Looking To Expand Your Business Easy).

I am here to share a few things with some people who maybe thought to just give up in their life because of harsh adversities, or feel that they are worthless and have no place here in this world. Why I say it like that, because I was one of those people who just wanted to give up, not caring about life, and just doing whatever in life to just get by barely.

In 05′ I was working at my father’s job at Electro Motive Diesel, when I first got to (EMD), it was an ok place to work, the pay was pretty good, and it was 100 times better than the job I had before which was working as a busboy for a bar out in Indiana called “Bridges Sports Bar.”

When I did go for the job at (EMD), it was a pain in the ass because LOL, I had to go through a temp agency to even qualify for it. Even though I passed the written exams to get it. And before I could get the job, the temp agency tried to block me for applying for it.

And that was because I was told, “Well Mr.Irons, sorry but you don’t make enough to qualify for the job you seek here.

” I just LOL to myself in my head, thinking: (WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING I DON’T QUALIFY). The temp agent representative was not going to budge on her decision at the immigration Employment Office in Cicero,Illinois where I had to go to apply for the job.

But then I looked down at her desk, and saw a picture of her family and then I said. “So how do you go about supporting your family?” “Do you just pull money out of the air or what?”

“Don’t I like you, have a right to work to be able to take care of myself or if you have a family take care of them?” She then looked up at me and paused in thought.

She looked back down at her desk, shuffling papers around and then she said, “Go to the Human Resources at Electromotive Diesel and give them this sheet form.I went the next day, to (EMD) the next day and turned in my sheet form the next day to the human Resources department.

They told me I should hear back in a few days from, and from that point had worked at (EMD) for 6 years up until I lost my job.

Things Went Down Hill In 09′ Big Time

In the fall of 09′ I was working at my job and started receiving a lot of phone calls at work. These were not the typical wrong number calls, that just so happened once in a blue while.

But the were rather calls that you get from creditors that usually start off like, “Hello may I speak to Jaye Irons. I would say yea that’s me, then they would say the thing that most people DID NOT WANT TO HEAR EVER!

“Yes Mr. Irons, this is suchin, insuch, soing so, calling from (Whatever Collection Agency or Retailer), about your last payment missed for the month of (Whatever Date). And hearing that made my hearing just go numb LOL, and I had to ask them what did you just say again?

Now like most who might not understand at the time, of how a Collection Agency might be just start to call you out of the blue and you feel stumped with dumbfoundedness.

That is how I was feeling, and at the time I had already had family concerns because I had just lost my 5 month old daughter with my Girlfriend Jesse, (MY Ex-Girlfriend Now) after she had a miscarriage.

And my Father was very ill he was on his deathbed just a little after I lost my little girl, me and Jesse was going to call her Zooey.

And the Collection Agencies just kept pounding my Cell Phone left and right and I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on, all I could do was follow-up with them and dispute my case of them having either the wrong person or someone is impersonating me Jaye Irons.

And that just got worst and worst, wage garnishments, the I.R.S. started haggling me, I was devastatingly confused because I know I didn’t do any of this.

I had to keep taking off work to try to resolve my issue of it. Got Fired from my job because of it (temporarily) got hired back after a month, but the ID Theft I was still battling.

Then the most painful thing that everyone experiences at one point is losing a love one or friend, I lost my Father.

I almost went into a nervous breakdown at that point, and I just had to watch over my Mother out of fear that this might be too much for her to handle (My Parents Where Married For Over 40 years).

At that point I just couldn’t feel anything, I didn’t feel alive and I felt very bad because I didn’t even get a chance to reconcile things with my Father before he passed away, IT JUST SUCKED!

After a while I had to come to terms with my Father’s departure from our Family, and had to focus on the current issue that was driving me really, REALLY NUTS the ID Theft.

I even contacted a legal firm that handles ID Theft victims, and it was called Lexington Law Firm and they did help me resolve two of the falsified issues that was done against me.

So it was a step in the right direction and slowly I started to turn things around but just a little. One day on the job at (EMD) “Electro Motive Diesel”,I got a call that went to my bosses’ phone in his office. My boss then called me into his office and told me, “Jaye umm…

This guy says he knows you and that it is very imperative that you speak to him.” I Said, what’s his name?” My Boss says I don’t know, but do you want to take the call or not?”

I said yea. So I started talking to this guy that said his name was Patrick Collins, and he told me he had some information that I would be interested in.

So he told me that some one had purchase some cable equip under my name at his  company called Centurion Media Productions, I said who did? He told me it was someone who I and he knew.

Now at that point I was really lost LOL. He told me the person’s name was Otis Cromartie Jr. I said “What!” and my Boss looked around from his desk and told me, “Is everything ok?”

I sad um.. Yea.

I told Patrick where could we meet at so he could tell taying at an apartment complex. He laid it all out of what he knew, and I did know Otis because he used to date my cousin.

And a few years back this piece of sh*t nobody needed a place to stay and my cousin loved this idiot at the time and begged me to let him stay at my place for a few weeks.

It was my cousin that would do anything for,so I told her ok. BAD, BAD move on my part…

The guy didn’t want to do nothing, like go look for a job and place to stay at nothing but sit in front of the dam t.v. all day. When I come home from work , it would be the same everyday and then I said, “Hey man, did you find a place or job yet?”

He would say “Naw not yet maybe in later I’ll probably get lucky.” I was thinking WTF is really going on with this deadbeat?” And I told my cousin that’s it he gotta go.

She got angry with me, but I didn’t give a care at that point because Otis wasn’t trying to do nothing but just lay around and live off of me, and I wasn’t going to just going to stand idly by and let him do so!

And  I did lock my stuff up in a suitcase, and when I did check it (After Kicking His Ass Out After 3 weeks) I did notice that the lock on it look like it had been tempered with,I did check in it but I didn’t see anything odd or missing.

So I just went on with my everyday life, and didn’t worry too much else about it.

But when Patrick told me that Otis used my information to get cable equipment, and he even showed me the purchase statement that was on record at his company All I wanted to do then was to go ring Otis’s dam neck!

And that wasn’t all he had done,he opened up lines of credit in my name , and stole my W-2 tax form statement as well and file a refund falsely in my name! So I knew then that’s why for all the calls from those creditors and garnishment threats from I.R.S.

Time For Me To Take A Stand!..(Call To Action!)A Small Battle in the War by CanfieldDave

Patrick did help me get everything rolling by getting a theft Affidavit going at the Police Station in North Chicago Area 3 Division.

After getting everything set-up and established by doing that, then I had to contact I.R.S. and talk to with a representative agent to help me take steps as to what to do with the revenue service and I did.

Then I even had to contact the U.S. Marshalls (ideal from Patrick) to have them go after Otis, at where he stayed (Which we found out from his sister that can’t stand him at all LOL). So one day, the stage was set. I met up with Detective John Foley U.S. Marshalls and had the plot set-up to catch Otis.

So Otis stayed at an apartment building, right off 47th and Wabash Ave. in Chicago.

And I told my cousin the deal of what he did, so she apologize to me and gave me his number she still had in her cell phone.

Before she did though she told me that he needed a ride to his ex-wife’s house to visit his son for his birthday, that was only a few days away.

THAT WAS THE PERFECT SET-UP EVER! So called and told Otis that she was going to come give him a ride, I went over to go pick up and along the way I called Det. Foley back, and told him when and where.

We planned it out in 5 minutes, as to where he would pull up behind us in the car at 47th and Michigan Ave. So then they parked in a gas station lot a street down from Michigan Ave.

I went to go get that “Ol Dirty Bastard” from his apartment complex.

Otis stepped out his apartment, looking like a confused idiot and says, “Why are you here Jaye?”

I told him that his cousin told me to come pick him up to go to his Ex-Wife’s place to go see his son, and said my cousin had asked her friend over the phone, if she could get a ride to take her son to the hospital (Acceptable Believable Story).

He fell for it, so we was about to get into the car but then he stops. He saw this young lady trying to start her car in the apartment parking lot to get her kids to the school  bus stop, down the street.

So I just played it cool, but I thought to myself and hoped that Foley wouldn’t come around the corner to check on me: not to say it would ruin the plot in play to get him caught.

It actually worked out fine, so no harm no foul.

We got into the car and drove out the apartment lot, and I went towards to the street over from Michigan Ave.

And Turn left at the light and Foley and the other Police Marshall vehicle wanted for me to make another left that would take us towards Michigan Ave.

At this time this High-pitched want-to-be pimp daddy player ridiculous fool is on the phone with some girl, telling her that he got some work tonight that she can do at some club.

Not paying any attention, then we just get half way passed the last street going to Michigan and the cherries started flashing and the bullhorn sounded out loudly.

“Driver,” “Pull Your Vehicle Over Now.” LOL Otis is still on the phone not even bothering to look back until I pulled over.

I get out the car as planned, he just kept on with this girl on the phone…

 I Was Rolling On The Dam Floor In My Mind Laughing My Ass Off To Myself 😀

He said “Hey Jaye!” “Dude where you going?” “Get out of the dam car now!” One of the detectives told him.

They leaned on me against my car and put handcuffs on me, they had his silly ass learned against the back of my car while searching his back pocket for his I.D. and man oh man it was NOT, NOT GOOD AT ALL, what they had found. 

  1. Two bags of pot.
  2. My old State License that he must have taken when he stay at my place at that time.
  3. A few other people licenses.
  4. Foley did a search on his computer on Otis. And came up with a few dates that he skip out on for court appearances, for a weapons charge a few years back. 
  5. (And The Cool Whip Topper On The Icing On The Lemon Slice Pie On All That), count em’ 14, 14 underage girls’ fake I.D.’s… LOL F*CK). So I guess that girl who was on the phone, maybe he was sneaking her into a night club to make money?.. I’m just taking a stab in the dark on that one.

stock-photo-arresting-and-handcuffing-an-apprehended-person-closeup-showing-hands-and-cuffs-20829274 by jay09061983And after screaming like a little bitoch that he is calling my name for help crying HAHAHA.

They took his goofy sorry ass to jail after that, and Foley just told me to follow-up and press charges against him at whatever police station you filed the report at.

I follow-up and called Area 3 Police Dept, few days later after all that happen that Friday. And was assigned Detective Moore, that was handling my case.

Another headache right there to deal with. Why you say, because as Otis sat in jail wanting to have these charges put on him for processing in the system. And Det. Moore was very unprofessional period.

She was telling me stuff like, “Well I don’t got no time, to be checking into your case right now. “I have too much stuff to do, I’ll get to it when I’ll  get to it.”

(What a Cunt she is, THAT LADY SHOULD NOT BE HAVING A BADGE WHAT SO EVER LOL) , and because she did nothing he got out free.

So all my effort went for nothing,to get him caught and imprisoned.

And later on I lost my job, because that said that I was taking too many days off, and violated shop rules policies (Or Leaving The Off The Job Excessively).

They didn’t care about the fact that I was going though all of this on my own, or even bother to have someone to it sit down and ask me what problem are you having that is affecting being present for work.

But I took it with a grain of salt, I didn’t LET IT DESTROY ME! I could have just giving up and said F*** It All.

But I didn’t: Something in me just told me you need to keep on and leave that all behind you… And came to terms with it, so it became my past quickly.

I worked through temp agencies after that, they were terrible LOL (Way To Short Term For Work).

So started searching for online work as maybe a way to get into something. But again it was difficult, because I didn’t think I have anything to offer to it, and I felt just plain stuck at that point.

But then I ran across some videos on this guy who was living in a van with his girlfriend and eating beans, and a Homeless guy ex-construction worker and now they are the CEO’s of a LLC Corporation called “Empower Network.”

With me being new to this, I thought maybe this is just bullshit these stories at first but then I kept watching videos and watching to dig up anything that would cry out “SCAM.”

But I could not find any bad news about it, which started to become good news to me.

And another thing about all this was, everyday I turn on the t.v.or radio.

I keep hearing about the job market falling down in terms of hiring, people losing their homes to foreclosures, families being devastated because the breadwinner of the household can’t find a job to go to.

And it just sounded like one of those 78 speed records (They are very, very, wide LOL Records From Back Then) playing on a record player in my head constantly.

And these Raggety Ann and Andy jobs now that fold up faster than a Venus Fly Trap plant that catches it prey, its just sad.

But I made a choice to join Empower Network after reading some of the people who were changed by them, their lives, and gave them hope, gave them a way, to reach for the light in a dark tunnel.

See no matter how bad situations get in life, we all have the power to make a difference. We can decide what we want, what we don’t want.

You might be looking to change things in your life, whether it’s financial, you might want to better yourself, whatever it is you seek you have to reach out for it and take it, plain and simple.

And what I’m seeing about Empower Network so far, is a way to help others.

And I believe in the underdogs in life, I believe that this is a opportunity that can change things for anybody, but they have to want it.

Especially if you are someone who has a business, and you’re looking for a way to generate more leads to it, or you can be someone who is new to an online venture that you feel that you might not be ready to get it going.

And if I show you a way how you can generate 1-5 leads a day for your business, or if your looking to maybe learn how to put together a blog post as a way to make a living for yourself.

And same time changing other people’s lives and teach them to do the same, or if you just want to better yourself in life.

Then visit my blog site at empowernetwork.com/jayesears73  and click the “The Prove It To Me” Icon box.

And on the second page put your email address in the email box on that page, and you will be shown to you that you have someone in your corner to help you succeed, to learn and grow, and to help you to understand that your self value is key to anything you do. Because believe it or visionboardsite empower by marieralston2not, a LOT OF PEOPLE don’t believe that they have self value in themselves which is not true. You just have to exercise it like a muscle, and Empower Network is the place you want to be for that.

A Frustrating  Bought Lesson

(By: Jaye Irons)                                                                                                                                                                                                    
You Can Also Visit My Post Site At:  empowernetwork.com/almostasecert.php?id=jaysears73                                                    (Then Highlight The Link And Drag It Into Your Search Bar)

Till Then My Motto:  Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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