Sheen Fronts Pay For Lohan’s Luxury Tax Bill Nightmares?

Lindsay Lohan at Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fash...

Lindsay Lohan at Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fashion Show Afterparty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sheen Fronts Pay For Lohan’s Luxury Tax Bill Nightmares?

Okay LOL, let me start it off by saying, that Sheen is offically is on Crack! Apparently he helped out (I Got My Head Up In The Clouds 24/7 Lohan LOL sh*t). With her tax bill situation, and this comes about, when they got close as they were starring in the Scary Movie 5 movie make (Bedroom Scene). He basically gave this girl $100,000 (Wow That’s A Fat Wallet To Carry Around!)

And crushed the tax fees that the troublesome actress owed. But before all that, she did disclose to him about her situation earlier back, and declined at first for him to help her out. (But Lets Get Real, Li-Lo Needs All The Help She Can Get!). 

Sheen Fronts Money For Her What’s Really The Catch Here?

Charlie Sheen & Ron Jeremy - Gathering of The Juggalos 2011 by jamie nycYea that a good question indeed, this would even give Sherlock Holmes a “Charlie Horse,” straining his brain on this one haha. I mean come on right, Sheen is just going to give up $100,000, 100K’s, just like that?

And not get nothing in return?…  (Tweedle, dee, tweedle, dumb, you think…) Something sounds weird to all this, and Sheen’s track record with women, and sanity is a top heavy shaky lego block castle just begging to be knocked over by a huffy hurricane wind. But then it makes you think about Li-Lo’s financial state. Doesn’t she have the money to bail herself out? Why does she even have to go to Sheen for money?

And she seems to be hanging around him all of a sudden getting close, LOL that’s like telling someone something like,No its ok, just stand by the gas pouring out of the gas pump, and i’ll just pitch lit matches at you.” LOL and Li-Lo said that she was “blown away,” by his kind caring act of financial compassion HAHAHA… What a bunch of bulls**t, just like this “Scary Movie 5” movie, Bulls**t.

But she is in the prime of her acting career, on her way to a comeback from legal and tax issues, that haunted her for a long, long, while. 

Lindsay’s Picks Up The Role As Liz, But Is She Worthy To Play Her?…                                                                                                   Elizabeth Taylor by aussie228430

She says that all of what she had to go through, has prepared her for her role in the movie “Liz.” That will besome pretty big shoes to fill, Liz Taylorwas quite a hollywood prescence, very charsmatic, a sexy symbol icon, especially back in her time as a young lady.

And trying to picture Li-Lo in that role, LOL don’t let me getstarted… But who knows, maybe she might have learned her lesson for a change. And decide to straighten her act up, (She Is Starting To Make Paris Hilton, Look like A Saint…) 

And if she is smart, (Wondering On That) she would not get mixed up with Sheen because that’s just a bottle of poison just waiting to be digested.

She does feel that she is ready for her role as Liz Taylor, in the movie “Liz.” But only time will tell for sure, and you bet that girl is under a big fat microscope right about now. So for her sake, hopefully she has turned over a new leaf. Even if its a little soggy :-U hahaha.

Sheen Fronts Pay For Lohan’s Luxury Tax Bill Nightmares?

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing in life that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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