Minnesota. Man Arrested for Killing 2 Kid Burglars On Thanksgiving Day…

Minnesota Man Arrested For Killing 2 Kid Burglars On Thanksgiving Day

PHOTO: Byron Smith was arrested after he allegedly shot and killed two people breaking into his home and then waited to report the deaths.On the typical Thanksgiving Day, most people are leaving out-of-town to join relatives, catching a flight out-of-town, or just spending time with their families. But this story is highly unlikely of anything that just plain screwy. Bryon Smith (Photo At Upper Left) a homeowner out in Little Falls, Minnesota was pretty much at the mist of a total blow up, as his home was broken into more than over a few times in a the past year.

But the story does get very out of control, as Bryon went over the line and he now faces double degree murders for two cousins who were the burglars that broke into his house this past Thursday.

The Two Cousins Burglars, Playing A Deadly Game

The First of the cousin burglars (Nicholas Brady), had entered Smith’s house at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon. Smith at the time was downstairs in his basement, until he heard footsteps creeping through his house right after hearing a window break from upstairs.

Brady had made his way to the top of the basement stairs, as he came down the stairs (Dam That Boy Was Bold!) and Smith saw the boy’s legs and hips he fired  2 shots off hitting Brady twice.

Brady then fell down the stairs tumbling to the ground, Smith then dragged the boy’s body over to a tarp (Thick Cover Sheetplacing it over by his workshop area.

Thinking that he caught the intruder, he hears yet another set of footsteps plow onto the floor in his house.   Haile Kifer was the 2nd burglar and Brady’s cousin, to roam through the house and eventually taking the same path as her cousin did. She came down the staircase as well, and Smith shot her also when she was visible in his eyesight.

Kifer fell to the floor off the staircase, and Smith motioned to shoot her again with the Rugar Mini-14 rifle, but it got jammed. Kifer then busted out in a short laugh, but she stopped as she was riddled with pain.

Smith then got really pissed off after the gesture, (He Told The Police: “IF You’re Trying To Shoot Somebody and they laugh at you, you go again,” He Told Police..) he then shot her a couple of times in the chest with a handgun revolver.

Then dragged her over to the workshop area by her cousin’s body, and took the handgun and placed it under her chin and finished her off with a clean shot. As what he told the authorities. 

Afterwords Smith told the Police, that he was fearful of his life. Because of having his home broken into over a few times in the past. Smith before calling the Police, did call some neighbors asking them if they knew any good lawyers.

And when they said they didn’t know any, he then told them to call the police. Friday, the call was sent out to the Police and then Smith led them to the bodies.

  • My thoughts on this, he should have shown some restraint. I feel he went over the line. But also when you have someone break into your house, you do have the right to defend yourself. But not if you that you don’t have to go any further using deadly force, it’s just a shame all together on the outcome…

Minnesota Man Arrested For Killing 2 Kid Burglars On Thanksgiving Day…

(By: Jaye Irons)

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