Global Warming Is Becoming A Big Issue…

Global Warming Is Becoming A Big Issue…

Global Warming 1/2

Global Warming 1/2 (Photo credit: lamazone)

Lately there has been increased worries about the issues of Global Warming, although not too much concern in the U.S., Russia, and China. But other countries like, Germany, France, Spain, and Japan, feel very differently about the issue.

And the environments in this countries have become more apparent as they do affect them by slowing the job markets there, and as a result the money that is put up to help fund this problem of Global Warming comes from the job markets there. As a result cutting job costs as a source to help fund it.

Global Warming Survey Statistics 12′

Liberals feel that the disposition of global warming is getting out of hand. And four years ago, Britain had over a 60% flush on the political left side to make it evident that Global Warming should not be taken likely.

They felt that it will continue to be a constant problem that would presist to be a future threat. At that time Spain, France, and Germany, stood a little over 40% of concern about the issue then. But up until now, the problem has becoming more escalated. In 09′ President Barack Obama, was looked up for high expectations for the issue of climate changes. 

Then Majorities and pluralities in twenty-one countries, felt that President Obama will get the U.S. to take higher measures to control global warming climate change. Western Europe see the very high expectations of this problem to be managed as well. Other countries as well expressed their worries, and in a survey poll it was charted rate the where they stood on the problem:

  • Mexico ———–65%
  • China—–30%
  • Brazil—————————–90%
  • India—————-67%
  • Poland—–36%
  • Nigeria———-57%
  • Britain———-50%
  • U.S.————44%
  • Russia———44%
  • Pakistan——–50%

And that’s just slightly under a dozen countries that taken notice of the climate change as a serious alert. So since 08′ Global Warming change worries has jump up considerably higher, especially in countries like Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon.

In a Egyptian poll study, it had jump 16% from a poll study before taking it up to 54%. And both Jordan and Lebanon held at 42% on their concerns about the topic viewpoint. Most of the overall concern about Global Warming still remains widespread. Other countries seemed not to worried about the climate changes, these include: Turkey, Poland, and Japan.

The in Turkey it was not even really seen as a big issue, where it had dropped from 82% to 65%. Poland falls to 36% of it as being a threat, and Japan is steadily less concerned as it is rated at 51%. 

But either way you slice the mathematics percentage pie, over50_mark I_P1wk5 by Llamaroo this issue will continue to hit tax payers’ pocket books here and others places in the world all together. And that way it looks, the “Pac-Man” scale chopper on this rating is at 71% (He left 29% of untouched currency that probably is going to global warming which is the issue at hand.)  So something better change soon, before he was a bigger slice to munch on LOL…

Global Warming Is Becoming A Big Issue…

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay Calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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