Hobbies That Can Bring You Some Loot!…

Hobbies (A Few) That Can Be Profitable…

Hobby abstract

Hobby abstract (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s hard times in this economy, and it seems that it’s even harder finding work from basic Companies that are either shutting down because of lost revenues, or closing shop and leaving the country to go over seas for operations, etc..

But as a result, it will leave a vast amount of workers from these jobs. Out in the cold, with no where to turn but lets say if you happen to pratice a hobby and you can go to it as a temporary back up for cash. I going to mention a handful of them in a total of three.


Hobby#1 The Carpenter:

Carpentry 01 by Ridgestone ConstructionWhich is a great hobby to have, considering the up sides to it. It can be done as weekend projects for fun if you’re looking to blow off some steam from lets say the busy weekdays LOL.
But still Carpentry can involve some work, but if you like doing it just to be doing it, then that’s cool. And the thing is, you don’t have to be a master at it to do. So even if you’re not the A-1 Empire Carpet install guy or gal, but they are still opportunities in this field. The Construction Industry which is closely related to the world of Carpentry, requires little skill to none.
But it does deal with reading blueprints and some mathematics, that can come in handy when planning building structure sites and calculations for vertical and horizontal measurements. 
Putting up drywall, working with wood and fiberglass definitely fall in line with carpentry work, as they are commonly used in refurbishing kitchens, cabinets, bedrooms, even trimming or floor laying are great gigs that can roll in some good money through Carpentry. 

Hobby#2 The Mechanic:

Car Mechanic Houston by lucasautocareYea LOL I saw both versions of that, (The Bronson One was the best to me haha) but he was not that type of mechanic haha. But in this hobby is a very great way to earn revenue because it is one that is in everyday need.

Just look around you, especially in the inner city areas where people drive like maniacs. But then how many they hit pot holes, or blast into someone’s dodge charger’s back-end, or they might need engine service of some sort done to the car. And besides engine repair which is just one avenue, other work on cars can range from auto body repair, electric systems.

Car Repairs Shops provide simple basic tasks for a mechanic like, changing tires, fluid replenishment, changing filters, and diagnosing engines. They also can do follow ups if the vehicle is not running properly, by troubleshooting the problem or replacing parts to the vehicle if the part is damaged or just needs to be changed for a new part. 

Hobby#3 The Computer Wiz:

Computer Repair _MG_3345-1 by Paula HabermanThis one is pretty fun for most people right off the back. You have a lot of people who can dilly dally with a computer in terms of fixing a modem or changing out a hard drive out of a laptop or desktop.
Or even dusting off dirt from the rollers of a mouse click gadget accessory piece. This line of hobby, tends to have an interesting angle on having it as a hobby and making money with it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to have computer maintenance as a hobby, but it might cost some money. But the trade-off to it, it that it can be pretty good for making a little side money.
But they are some people who do it for, business type money. The difference between that is, if you just say the local town Computer (Go To) Repair Person, then that’s a little cash but it not a long-term way to make money by all means LOL. But there are some people who are serious about it, and even might want to use it as a means to survive in life.
But if you want to turn it from a hobby to a business, then you will have to be prepared to roll up some sleeves haha. After all a business makes you money and a hobby can cost you money.
And planning a business can be a headache, if you’re serious about taking it to that type level, then expect this. You will be out trying to manage your computer business, you will have to keep a log of what you spend to get it going first, and then tally up what your expenses are going to be. (If you have a wife, kids ,dog etc..) Car Notes, House Mortage, Utilities, chiropractor visits LOL etc..
Can take a toll on you financially if your business is not manage well. But like I said before with the online company I just got into (Empower Network , can definitely help one with their business ideals. Turning them into a reality, and they will teach you the core skills to be able to run your company smoothly.
I will provide a link to Empower Network, and all you have to do is  highlight the link into your domain address bar up top (Where your dot.com or org etc.. is at the top) and click and drag it up into the domain  bar.  Highlight, then drag this link in the brackets   [    empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=jayesears73    ]  then just type your email into the email box with the arrow pointing at the box and I will definitely respond back to you.  🙂
This is not a waste of your time, and it can provide great information and value,  for people who are looking to start a business. Thank You for taking the time to view this post.

Hobbies That Can Bring You Some Loot!…

(By: Jaye Irons)                                    You Can Also Contact Me At jirons610@gmail.com


Till then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!


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