Romney Out To Lunch At The White House, Hanging With Obama?..

Romney Out To Lunch At The White House, Hanging With Obama?..

After a tough campaign battle turned victory to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney went to visit Obama for a sit in luncheon at the White House yesterday.  With the aid of his usual motorcade that could block off huge piles of crowds to clear a path for any public figure like Romney, was not an issue for he was escorted to the White House in a single black SUV Lincoln, pulled up to the side entrance of the White House as Romney sat in the front passenger seat.

Later he met up with President Obama for some good eats, they ate White Turkey Chili and Southern Western Grilled  Chicken Salad. They ate in the President’s Dining Room, discussing the future and importance of American Leadership.

After the luncheon, they planned to communicate time to time with each other. And sharing ideals that match both of their outlooks on different ideals and ways that can improve the economic structuring in the U.S. overall.

And the luncheon was an easy-going discussion of friendly topics between Obama and Romney, political talk was pushed aside and left out. Some Foreign Policy talk was discussed, focusing on how to elevate and  maintain America ideas in innovation  and inquire its growth. 

Romney Out To Lunch At The White House: The Administrative Angle.


Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

Into the meeting, there was words of detect that Romney might be looked at for an Administration Position, but that has yet to be determined and there was no comments of it from either the media or his aides to say that’s true.

On the night of his victory for the Presidency, Obama  said in his victory speech in Chicago. That he was looking forward to sitting down with Gov. Romney in the future, and discuss various ideals on working together to drive America forward toward a better tomorrow. 

Press Secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday that, “The President Noted that Governor Romney did a terrific job running for the Olympics and that setskills lends itself to ideas that can help the federal Government work better which is a passion of the President’s.

As you know he has requested an re-organization authority from Congress to do just that.”

Romney Out To Lunch At The White House: The Campaign Aftermath.

Back on the night of Romney’s upset defeat, and Obama’s victory win. Romney chose to stay out of the spotlight ever since the Election Night regarding his concession remarks in Boston, which is where his campaign headquarters was stationed at.

He also choose not to make any appearances in public after the election, especially after his remarks on how Obama acquired victory for the Presidency. Saying that there “Gifts” given to key constitutes to ensure his victory sparked high criticism from both the Democratic nd Republican parties.

But now that the Elections are done, maybe now the focus on America and it’s future, and the citizens of the U.S. can just learn to work together. And push harder for change, and a better Government will be the key to its success in the future.

Romney Out To Lunch At The White House, Hanging With Obama?..

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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