100 Rifles Stolen: From CSX Train Car In Atlanta…

100-120 Rifles Stolen: From CSX Train Car In Atlanta…

Seal of the United States Bureau of Alcohol, T...

Seal of the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives after it moved to the Department of Justice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

approximately 100-120 Rifles was stolen from a CSX train box car , out in an Atlanta train yard. The Rifles were described as “AK-style type” contraband. The Rifles were moved from the train car in Mid-November, this was said by a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Gary Sease, a spokesman for the rail line CSX Corp., said the company is cooperating with the Authorities to recover the weapons that were apparently stolen for an investigation of theft.

Sease also added: “When any crimes occurs, but especially any crime involving safety, we prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law and work in close cooperation with the partners in law enforcement agencies.”

Authorities believe that the weapons were stolen in mid-November. 

100-120 Rifles Stolen: The Inside Tip

The initial tip about the stolen rifles that came from Channel 2 Action News, confirmed the info Thursday of the 100 stolen rifles from the CSX box car. The CSX train line rail tracks in metro Atlanta area, run stretched alongside the city. The company itself will not be able to accurately be able to pinpoint the theft location area this had taken place at, but they just would say that the thieves had broken in and made off with at least 100-120 AK Rifles.

Residents in the area stated some concern about the stolen weapons, one in particular resident Jennifer Beals had told reporter Shae Rozzi this: “If they know there’s that type of equipment on there, there should be tighter security.” 

The CSX does have security that watches out for suspicious activity on its rail yards, and the company as of now are working closely with authorities to track down the robbers and the weapons.

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