Jovan Belcher Shoots And Kills His Girlfriend And Then Committs Suicide.

Jovan Belcher Kills And Shoots His Girlfriend And Committs Suicide.

Kansas City Chiefs‘ Jovan Belcher, had done the unthinkable. Saturday morning Belcher, had reportedly shot and killed his girlfriend right in front of her Mother in cold blood. The slain girl’s mother then called the police, the police then showed up shortly after.

Right before the Authorities showed up at Arrowhead Stadium, the Kansas City Chiefs’ staff were present and tried to calm down Belcher that had showed up there. The Police was alerted about Belcher at the Stadium, and the situation there, seemed ready to fall apart fast like a lighting strike splitting a tree in two.

Jovan Belchor: What Happened When The Cops Showed Up?

English: Jovan Belcher, a player on the Kansas...

English: Jovan Belcher, a player on the Kansas City Chiefs American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Police arrived at Arrowhead Stadium shortly after, they were going to confront Belchor. But Belchor had already shot himself, and the shooting was witnessed by the Kansas City Chiefs’ staff. Belchor met the girl, by introduction form a fellow Kansas City Chief player. The girl name has not yet been released to the media. She was a student at a local community college, the media had shown up to the Arrowhead Stadium learning of the shooting that transpired at the stadium.And it was later confirmed that Kansas City Chiefs’ Linebacker Jovan Belchor, 25, had shot himself outside of the stadium.

But the game between the Chiefs’ and the Carolina Panthers, is still in progress for tomorrow at 1 p.m. for the game start time. Clark Hunt the Chiefs’ Chairman & CEO of the team franchise commented on what took place.

Hunt said in response to the unfortunate situation: “The Chiefs family is deeply saddened by today’s events, and our collective are heavy with sympathy, thoughts and prayers for the families and friends affected by this unthinkable tragedy.” Was statements that Hunt shared on the whole event.

But The question still remains, what would cause Belcher to shoot and kill his girlfriend? And then turn around and commit suicide?… So far, that reason is unknown.

Jovan Belcher Shoots And Kills His Girlfriend And Then Commits Suicide.

(By: Jaye Irons)

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