Controversy Of An New ‘Steroid Alternative’ Super Drug…

Controversy Of A New ‘Steroid Alternative’ Super Drug…


Steroids (Photo credit: gjs)

I was checking out some information, about this new “Super Steroid supplement,” a wonder steroid drug. And as you can guess it has already caused some head turning controversy, especially amongst people involved in competition Pro and Olympic sports. C9-T11 is the super steroid drug’s name, and as before with weaker steroid supplements is still deemed unfair in sporting events.

Examples like, Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong, are reflections of what this drug can give one. Extraordinary advantages.
By the way, the photo to the right isn’t the ‘Super Drug’ haha it’s just a visual teaser.

Controversial Viewpoints On How The ‘Super Steroid’ is perceived 

Raspberry Ketone

(Photo Credit To: Applied nutritional Research To left is Photo of The C9-T11 ‘Super Steroid’ Pill) Critics right off dove into this subject, like a Hawk swooping down through the air with its sharp claws to snag its victim for some rodent pasta meat for a beef stew mix. They are really against the drug because of the high disadvantage given to an athlete, and their competitor does not have a chance in h*ll of challenging them fairly in a sporting event. So of course, you must have a percentile rating on the result from taking this ‘Superhuman Drug’ of wonder.
  • According to researchers at Kent State, a person using this drug will gain results very quickly. In fact less potent steroid supplements, are slower in physical results one gains from the “C9-T11” supplement.
  • So far on the rating scale of how much you can increase off of it is up to 700% in lean muscle gain & growth, as well as ridiculous increase in bicep girth which is a 9-fold gain.
  • And the kicker a 202% rate increase in a routine weight training workout for 6 weeks, can come as a result to the use of this drug.
  • Strangely but oddly, it shows no signs of side-effects.
Now the up side to all of this is that, usage of this advanced steroid can improve one’s overall health…
  • Reduction In “Bad LDL Cholesterol.”
  • You can use the drug and not change your eating habits, and still lose inch girth from around the belly.
  • It’s legal to use it, (Can’t Get In Trouble For Taking It).
So it’s not a crime in taking this wonder drug but, Critics of sporting events are just referencing to the fact. That it does give the user a big time advantage of the lesser person that they are competing against, so even though it is ok and safe to use it. DOES NOT  give that person the right to make use of it in sports competition. LOL what will they can up with next to mutate the human race even further into oblivion haha.
(Video Credit: jimmysmithtraining)

Controversy Of An New ‘Steroid Alternative’ Super Drug…

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!


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