Naked Protesters Run Amok In House Speaker’s Office?

Naked Protesters Run Amok In House Speaker’s Office?

Ok here we go… It was a handful of AIDSactivists, that storm in Representative speaker John Boehner tells American Unemployed its Your Fault for Being Lazy by Cory M. GrenierJohn Boehner‘s office. Demanding to speak with him, Boehner was probably saying to himself at that point: I’ve been blinded dammit. LOL, apparently the activists are pissed off because of the fiscal clip or funding towards AIDS research. And I have to say that the activists have a vaild point. And I will explain that right off the back.

Naked Protesters Run Amok: The Reason For This.

Naked protesters storm House speaker's office in D.C.Well look at this situation in this light. Middle class people have been targeted hard in terms of taxes, and bogus threats to the poor have been throw out there, to end necessaties for the poor like food stamps or using credit on their link card, for food.

While the Rich sits back, pays little tax or I call like in monopolyLuxury Tax,” and then they have the nerve to say stuff like (This Is The Rich Speaking Now) “WE THINK THAT WE, SHOULD HAVE TO PAY HIGHER IN TAXES.” Ok my viewpoint of that is, WHY THE H*LL NOT, LOL. The rich makes way, way, WAY, too much money not to share it in some way or another.

If you’re rich you should be able to give some type of contribution, to not only charity, (Which A Lot Of Them Don’t Even Do That Much) but also to people who need, Cancer treatments, HIV/AIDS research, or any other type of disease or illness.

But the world as we know it now, is cold, uncaring, money hungry, and society largely takes the attitude of everything being about them, them, them, and F*ck everybody else. And for most of the rich (not all of them but lot feel this way) that’s an UNDERSTATEMENT.

But I understand why the protesters were doing this and it’s for a cause to help others. They needed to really spark some attention and John Boehner may not have agreed with their position on the matter, but sometimes people have to just stand up and take action if you want to get a point across for a cause. And you do it in your own way, that you feel is necessary plain and simple. 

I saw the video, and could see the hurt on people’s faces. There was a lady standing in line crying backing the protesters’ cause said, “I’m begging you don’t cut the funding, because we need it.” (She Goes On) “I need it, my brothers and sisters need this, the babies need this,” (Click To View Video) and she is right hands down. After the protest was over, 3 women out of the group were arrested for lewd conduct and indecent exposure. And that was after the police offer them a ultimatum to leave before being taken to jail. 

Naked Protesters Run Amok In House Speaker’s Office?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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