People Who Feel They Don’t Deserve To Be Successful, Or Afraid Of It…

People Who Feel They Don’t Deserve To Be Successful, Or Afraid Of It…

Most People in life fall into a category that they feel they can’t escape from. Depression is a part of it, as well as uncertainty  and doubting themselves. They grow up from a kid having the best of intentions of a dream they see in their mind to be successful in what they want, when they grow up. But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way for them, and as they get older, they might get lost or feel unaccomplished in what decisions they take in life that they feel affects their future.

Most often this reflects on where they are in life, whether they didn’t get a particular career job they wanted from when they thought about as a kid. Or a later goal that they set for themselves as an adult and failed to meet expectations of accomplishing it, they then feel defeated and give up trying letting their focus fizzle out on what they were striving for in the first place. 

People Who Feel They Don’t Deserve To Be Successful Why?

The mind is a powerful tool if used with great focus, and confidence. That is a big reason why people who have great vision on an ideal or what to set out for a goal, but they sometimes get stumped on personal things in their life that can block them from what they want. It can be something that happened in their past, that haunts them.

It could be what they heard from others telling them “You’ll Never Amount To Anything In Life,” “You Just Keep Failing And Failing Yourself.” Or even a traumatic experience to the fullest can hender one’s potential from achieving more for themselves in life, and it’s not their fault they just can’t understand quite why they see themselves as a failure, they get stuck travelling the same path on the road  that just continues on and they never can reach that light which seems to move further away as they get near.

How People Can Uplift Themselves, And Empower Themselves For Change!

Believe and Succeed Positive Outlook Paperweight by Successories Motivational PostersYou see we all have that something in us that something powerful, that can change the way you view yourself, that change the way you live your life, that change the way YOU feel about you.

You have others in the world that have been where the other people who feel that they are not worth a dime on this planet. Sometimes you have to reach out and grab that inner self inside you and face it down (That Your Fears I’m Talking About) and you learn to first accept, where you are in your life, and how can I change it to better from a starting point.

One thing is true… Having someone to talk to, or having a mentor/counselor to speak out your situation to is very healthy to do. There is many places you can turn to whether it’s online or seeking professional help by finding a professional counselor, to help you sort out things that may be troubling you in life.

One I can suggest is Empower Network, these guys are good people and they are just like everyday people like you and me.

They can give good ideals and help you, to achieve a better way of thinking, positive feedback, or maybe you need some financial insight to getting you life turned around and you just want to cut away the fears that scream failure in your ear to be silenced.

Then I empower you to take a stand and visit my link at, and browse around the site and just listen to some of the stories (Especially Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe’s Story, And Mines “A Frustratingly Bought Lesson” is my story and is part of one of my posts that I went through 3 years ago) that others like you and me that had challenges that seem impossible to conquer.

Then at the bottom of the webpage click the “Watch It Now,” Icon under the Photo of Dave Wood, and on the second page you will have a place to put your email address like (Which is mine), they will email you back telling you these guys are great.

I like helping people that’s just how I am, that’s why I made Just Spit It Out Already! This blogger to do just that, to make you guys laugh, feel some emotion, to learn things that can be used in your everyday life, and give you the power in knowing to be great! Guys take care, and God Bless.

People Who Feel They Don’t Deserve To Be Successful, Or Afraid Of It…

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is you strive for the best!

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